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Rape of the South

Rape of the South
Thomas Allen

[Editor's note: Footnotes in the original are omitted.]

    The powers of Yankeedom and their quisling Southern sycophants are implementing their hideous program to destroy all that is Southern and all that is White at an accelerated pace. The assault is occurring on so many fronts and in so many places and with such ferocity that space does not allow for a detailed description. Only a short catalog of assaults is provided here.

    Through a combination of bribes and extortion, the imperialists in Washington have corrupted and captured the State and local governments in the South. First they bribe the States with “free” money into adopting various grandiose programs that either have popular appeal or are good pork barrel. After State governments become addicted to this “free” money, the despots in Washington extort the States into adopting a multitude of welfare-state programs and other fascistic programs. The addicts cannot let go of the “free” money, so they endure tyranny. Thus, State governments in the South can no longer do anything of importance without the approval of the United States government. The Southern States have become mere colonies of the United States.

    If such tyranny were not enough to convince the Southern States that they have been reduced to colonies of the United States, there is the infamous Voting Rights Act. The Voting Rights Act denies the Southern States the right to draw their Congressional and legislative districts the way that each deems best for itself.

    A corollary to this odious law is that before a Southern town may annex an area, it must have the blessing of the United States government. This is done in the name of protecting black power (and privileges) and to remind Southerners that they are not a free people.

    At the behest of their Northern overlords, latter day scalawags and carpetbaggers are waging war against Southern culture and heritage. More and more communities are outlawing flying and otherwise displaying Confederate flags. “Dixie” is forbidden. “Old Virginia” has been rewritten, and a move is underway to rewrite “Maryland, My Maryland.” Songs of the old South or that glorify the South are ostracized. Confederate monuments are vandalized, and the culprits go unpunished. Many locales are trying to remove their Confederate monuments. Throughout the South the toadies of the North are trying to destroy all symbols of the Confederacy and the Old South.

    Not only do these miscreants seek to destroy Southern heritage, they seek to destroy the Southern people. Their program is genocide — annihilation of the Southern White by amalgamation into a mongrel race. Their weapon is integration. The Negro is the cannon fodder that is being fired at the Southerner to eradicate him. All that is Southern must perish including, and especially, the Southern people.

    The Southern dialect is under assault. Schools are instructing Southerners how to speak without a Southern accent. Major movie companies come to the South looking for actors and actresses. However, they do not want people who speak like Southerners unless the person is going to play a Southern character who is a scoundrel, reprobate, bully, dolt, oaf, buffoon, etc. To destroy the Southern dialect is to destroy one of the uniqueness of the South.

    These nefarious kowtowers of Yankeedom are also out to destroy the religion of the South, Christianity. Ministers are arrested for handing out tracks. People are arrested for praying silently on federal property. Judges are forbidden to open court with a prayer. Children are forbidden to read the Bible on school buses. Civic organizations that open meetings with prayer are denied the use of public facilities. Teachers are reprimanded for giving Bibles to students. Student speeches are censored to prevent them from telling others about the importance of Christ in their lives. And the oppression goes on and on.

    The list of atrocities inflicted upon the South could go on and could be filled with numerous examples. However, examples of Yankee despotism in the South are so ubiquitous and obvious that there is little need to fill pages with them. The quisling, scalawag, and carpetbagger have taken over the South — and the apathetic Southerners have let them. They have destroyed the independence of the Southern States. They are well on their way to destroying Southern heritage and culture, the Southern people, and the Southern religion. The time has come for Southerners to take back their governments, their heritage and culture, their race, and their religion. The time has come for a free and independent confederation of free and independent Southern States.

Copyright © 1992 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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