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Illuminism Politically

Illuminism Politically
Thomas Allen

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Illuminism’s political ideology is today revealed in Communism. Like Communism, Illuminism is political collectivism. Its major political doctrines, as Kelly summarizes, are:
1. Anarchism, i.e., the theory that government is by nature intrinsically evil and should not exist.

2. Totalitarianism, i.e., the theory that it is essential to establish a universal dictatorship in order to bring about the condition wherein all civil and ecclesiastical authority will cease to exist.

3. The “withering away” of the dictatorship, i.e., the theory, fabricated for propaganda purposes, that the totalitarian dictatorship will automatically wither away when all governments are under control, and all advocates of legitimate civil authority, along with the remnants of their influence, are exterminated.[1]
These doctrines are also the basic political principles of Communism. Communism is merely an outgrowth or branch of Illuminism. Illuminism is the father of Communism.

Among the great evils that Illuminism identifies are private property, civil authority, nationalism, patriotism, localism (states’ rights), the Aryan race, family, individuality, and Christianity. All these evils prevent humanity from enjoying illuministic freedom and equality. Thus, to obtain universal happiness, equality, and freedom, not only must these evils be annihilated at all cost, so must be any notion of them. Then mankind will become one united happy family.[2]

To achieve its goal of universal illuministic freedom and equality, Illuminism, like Communism, requires a global totalitarian government. All other governments are subordinate to this global government. This universal dictatorship is necessary to purge the world of the evilness of oppression and exploitation created by private property. This government would have absolute power with no check on its authority and would not be subjected to any law.[3]

While it advocates abolishing all government, Illuminism, like Communism, advocates total government. Thus, Illuminists need to explain away this contradiction. The explanation that they came up with was the doctrine of “withering away” of the state. According to this doctrine, total government is only temporary; once its need ceases, it will disappear. Exactly how this “withering away” occurs varies with the time and Illuminist offering the explanation.[4]

The “withering away” of this global totalitarian government is a hoax, and most Illuminists know that it is a hoax. Once instituted, this global government will create two classes: masters (the Illuminists) and slaves (the masses). Then the function of this government would be to maintain this caste system. The Illuminists would use this government to do exactly what they condemn national governments for doing and what they give as a reason to destroy these governments.

Once instituted, mankind would suffer terrorism and horrors that would far exceed those suffered by the Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, and others under Communism. At least the masses will receive the envious chimera of equality.

To conceal their evil intentions, Illuminists often present themselves as scholars and their societies as scholarly organizations for the advancement of learning and the betterment of mankind. They express great concern about the plight of the poor and a desire to improve the conditions of the masses. Usually, they are strong supporters of democracy. All of this is a facade to conceal their real goal of destroying the religious and political order of society and institute their New World Order with its global totalitarian government.

Once the New World Order is in place, a few wealthy families will rule the world for the benefit of these families. They will rule without any moral or ethical restraints.

Illuminists have been involved in every type of activist movement whose objective has been to destroy the United States as a free county. These movements included feminism, humanism, racial integration, Communism, homosexualism, and multiculturalism.

Today the dream of Nimrod is carried on not only by secret societies and semi-secret societies like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and Communist Party, but also by their front organizations like the United Nations, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), European Union (EU), North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Organization of American States (OAS), Organization for African Unity (OAU), and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). All these organizations have one goal: establishing a New World Order with a totalitarian world government where a small elite rules the masses for the benefit of the Illuminists.

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