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Gaining Control

Gaining Control
Thomas Allen

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The replacement of Christian doctrines with Lucifer’s illuministic doctrine greatly intensified after World War II. Illuminists place great emphasis on infiltrating and gaining control of the Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church. Among those working within the Catholic Church to sabotage its traditional beliefs and replace them with Illuminism was Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Father Baum (a Jew who “converted” to Catholicism), and many other Catholic priest who believed and preferred the teachings of Marx and Freud to those Jesus and the Bible. Taking the lead in promoting Liberation Theology and Marxism have been the Jesuits.

Another important illuministic leader in the religious realm has been Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. Liberal Protestant churches have adopted many of his teachings as they seek to replace the Christ-centered teachings of the Bible with humanistic ego-centered psychology and philosophy. His doctrines are also highly influential among New Age religions. The teachings of Jung, Teilhard de Chardin, and other occult scholars give the New Age religions an air of being scientific, and, thus, they draw the highly educated into the occult.

Two Americans who were important in destroying Christianity in the United States were Water Rauschenbusch and Harry F. Ward. They were socialists and Marxists. They sought to use religion to establish socialism. They preached a “social gospel” and promised a “kingdom of God on Earth” through socialism. Rauschenbusch provided the theology of the collective social gospel, and Ward organized the movement for the social gospel to replace true Christianity.

Freemasons are encouraged to be active in Christian churches so that they can gain control of them. Then they can turn the churches from the teachings of Jesus to the teachings of Lucifer as express through Freemasonry. Thus, they can corrupt them with “modernism” and “liberalism.” Consequently, most churches and denomination have abandon opposition to miscegenation, homosexualism, divorce, abortion, and euthanasia. Illuminists have infiltrated and gained control of most mainline churches and divinity schools and seminaries. As a result, most mainline churches have abandoned teaching the Bible. They have substituted a form of secular humanism, materialism, and other non-biblical theology. They replace the spiritual truths established by facts and revealed in the Bible with spiritual “truths” based on personal experiences and feelings. They have strip Christ of his divine nature and present him, his apostles, and the early church as Communists or socialists. They have replaced the spiritual with the material. Salvation does not come from the grace of God; it comes from Illuminism. They are leaving their members spiritually starved. Many of the spiritually starved end up seeking spiritual satisfaction in some New Age religious movement.

The Christian churches that are not under the control of Illuminists are the main threat to the Illuminists in achieving their New World Order. These Bible-believing Christians must be neutralized. Many of these Christians are being seduced into sacrificing some of their beliefs in the name of world peace and unity. As a result, false doctrines and occult practices have entered their churches. The seduction includes false prophets and false miracles.

Illuminism has advanced its war against Christianity by capturing the United States Supreme Court. During the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Freemasonry gained a majority of the Supreme Court justices. This majority, it maintained into the Nixon presidency. Thus, between 1941 and 1971, Freemasonry controlled the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court adopted the Masonic view of the law: “Law is largely in the interpretation and not in the text. . . .”[1] It followed Franklin Roosevelt instruction for an “enlightened” interpretation of the Constitution. Consequently, “the Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means,” as Chief Justice Evan Hughes remarked.

Freemasonry used its control of the Supreme Court to remove all vestiges of Christianity from public schools and to convert public schools into temples of Freemasonry religions — secular humanism, occultism, Theosophy, Cabalism, Gnosticism (Freemasonry’s favorite religion), and all other forms of Pantheism promoted by Freemasonry — any religion but Christianity, which Freemasonry hates with as much passion as Lucifer hates Jesus.

It also forced integration of schools and most public and private associations. The primary objective of integration is to destroy the Aryan race by facilitating miscegenation.

Lucifer is using the New Age religious movement to bring about his New World Order. Although most occult initiates are probably ignorant of Lucifer’s control of their religion and his worship by their leaders, many New Age leaders are knowingly collaborating with Lucifer to bring about his New World Order. Probably most of New Agers are unaware that they are involved in the occult. They unknowingly come involved with the occult through their obsession with world peace, holistic health, the environment, yoga, or occult forms of mediation.

In the twentieth century, liberalism was the political program that the Illuminists used to control and destroy the free market, free enterprise economies of the world. The Illuminists have always considered the free market, free enterprise economy as its enemy. They have worked to replace the free market, free enterprise economies with some form of socialism. Their New World Order can only be achieved through a controlled economy.

When Franklin Roosevelt, who was a high degree Illuminist and a 32nd degree Freemason, became President, he believed that the goals of the Illuminists would be achieved during his lifetime. So confident was he in the success of the grand conspiracy that he ordered the insignia of the Masonic Illuminati to be printed on the back of the new American dollar bill. This action informed Illuminists that the Illuminists had absolute control of American finance and politics— control that has been retained to this day.

The Jesuits, the illuminist arm in the Catholic Church, bragged that the world would receive a sign when the ecumenical movement had overcome its worldwide opposition. When Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States, he gave the sign. The sign was that the President of the United States would face the Washington Monument, a symbolic occult obelisk, while being sworn into office.[2] Reagan was the first President to be sown in while facing the Washington Monument.

Further proof that the Illuminists have nearly completed establishing Lucifer’s New World Order is found in a map adopted in 1952 by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government showing the armed forces of one country policing other countries when world government is achieved. This map shows U.S. troops in Yugoslavia, Greece, and Albania, which Clinton achieved in the 1990s; in Australia, where they are, and in Kazak Soviet Socialist Republic (now Kazakhstan), which Clinton achieved in 1997. It showed Russian troops from Oklahoma southward and eastward; in 1995 Russian soldiers were at Fort Riley, Kansas. In 1997, troops from former Soviet block countries were at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Furthermore, Russian police were active in the South during the 1990s—even assisting in arresting Americans. German troops were also stationed in the United States. After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, larger numbers of U.S. troops have been moved to the Middle East, and troops from Europe have been stationed in the United States.

Illuminists have achieved great success in the United States and have gained almost complete control of the United States government. Proof of such control is the great difficulty in naming a single act of foreign policy in the last 50 years that truly benefitted the American people as a whole.

Illuminists who control the United States government use the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other agencies to terrorize the American people. These federal agencies are being used to terrorize Americans into capitulating to the New World Order. The FBI concentrates on fighting Americans who oppose the New World Order rather than fighting Communism, domestic terrorism, and real criminals. Like the IRS and other federal agencies, the FBI has become a terrorist agency. The primary purpose of the IRS is not to collect taxes. Its primary purpose is to terrorize and impoverish the American people by forcibly extorting money from them. Part of the CIA’s job was to make the Soviet Union appear much more powerful than it really was. If anyone claimed that the CIA’s estimates were high, the CIA would bully him into silence. The United States needed a powerful enemy to help the United States government’s control of the American people, which may explain the build up of China after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Illuminists have opened the borders of the United States to Third World immigrants. Some of these millions of immigrants pouring into the United States are trained terrorists, who operate under the orders of the Illuminists. Many are hardened criminals. These immigrants are intended to neutralize opposition to Illuminism. Criminals subdue the population as the people divert their resources to defend themselves from professional criminals. Thus, they are distracted from defending themselves from the biggest criminals of all—Lucifer’s Illuminists. Furthermore, the mass of immigrants who are neither terrorists nor criminals dilute the country with people who have no ties with America’s history or traditions of personal freedom and limited government.

As Illuminism has risen so has persecution of Christians and the degradation of Christianity. Blasphemy passes for art. Hollywood produces ever more movies that belittle and attack Christians and Christianity. Soldiers sent to the Middle East to defend the interest of the United States, i.e., the interest of the Illuminists, are denied Bibles. The police attack Christian protesters, especially pro-life advocates, much more brutally than other classes of protesters. Zoning laws are used to harass Christians and their churches. Christians are habitually denied their inalienable rights. Anti-Christian bigotry is pervasive in the illuministic mainstream media. The Illuminists have achieved their goal of converting the United States from a Christian country to a secular one.

Only about 500 high-degree Illuminists, some of whom direct the large tax-free foundations, are in the United States. Below them are about 10,000 lesser Illuminists, who are primarily politicians, businessmen, media leaders, academicians, and religious leaders.

One reason little fundamental change occurs when the administration in Washington changes from a liberal Democrat to a “conservative” Republican is that Illuminists control both parties. A Democratic president surrounds himself with the Democratic members of the Council on Foreign Relations. A Republican president surrounds himself with Republican members. Furthermore, the conservative think tanks, such as the Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, and American Enterprise Institute, are financed by the same people who finance the liberal think tanks. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Brookings foundations finance both the conservative and liberal think tanks.

To achieve and direct the wars and revolutions, Illuminists have to place their agents, stooges, sympathizers, fellow-travelers, and dupes in key positions in government, news media, business, religion, and academia.

When the Illuminists believe that their power base has become strong enough to begin the extermination in the United States of any possible resistance to their Nimrodic dream of world domination, Plan Naamah will be implemented.[3] America will then suffer a reign of terror that the French, Russian, and Spanish suffered during their revolutions. Tens of millions of Americans will die.

The twentieth century was the century of world wars, revolutions, and Communism and fascism. Today Illuminists work to establish globalism. (Anyone who proudly labels himself as a globalist is either an Illuminist or an agent, stooge, sympathizer, fellow-traveler, or dupe of the Illuminists.) Communist China and North Korea are the models of their New World Order.

With the collapse of Soviet Communism, the Cold War ended. As a result countries are being merged into regional groupings, such as the European Union and the North American free trade area, which is being expanded to cover the entire Western Hemisphere. Eventually these regions will be synthesized into a one world state ruled by the Illuminists.

To achieve their Luciferian goals, Illuminists have organized, financed, directed, and controlled Communism, National Socialism (Nazism), Zionism, and other similar movements. Through these movements, Illuminists have fomented wars, world wars, and revolutions while the Illuminists retreat to safety zones. Wars and financial, environmental, and other global catastrophes that Illuminists can cause or exasperate are to continue until mankind becomes physically, psychologically, and economically exhausted and beg, or at least accept, the New World Order with its Satanic one world government and its Luciferian New Age religion as their only hope. The Illuminists will then come forward and offer, or usurp, themselves as the enlightened despotic rulers.

By the end of the twentieth century, the Illuminists had largely achieved their goals of destroying Christianity, overturning governments hostile to their goals, and establishing a one world government with Illuminists as dictators. They had pounded the Aryan race so hard that Aryans were failing to reproduce themselves and were on their way to extinction.

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Copyright © 2010 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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Thomas Allen

[Editor’s note: Footnotes in the original are omitted.]

Illuminists have used their money to gain control of education. They have used their control to further their interest and to foster Illuminism. They are well aware of Lenin’s dictum: “Give us the child for eight years, and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”[1]

Through large endowments, J.P. Morgan and other wealthy Illuminists gained control of policies of the Ivy League universities. Morgan and his associates dominated policy making at Harvard, Columbia, and, to a lesser extend, Yale. The Whitneys were significantly influential at Yale. Edward D. Duffield of Prudential Insurance Co. dominated Princeton. These wealthy men often decided who would be president of these universities. The Illuminists, primarily with Rockefeller money, have also gained control of most of the schools that train teachers. With their money, they also control the major seminaries—thus, they control the training of most ministers.

Carnegie and Rockefeller money has been used to gain control of American schools, both at the university level and at the secondary and primary grade level. Carnegie and Rockefeller money has funded curricula and textbooks whose purpose has been to indoctrinate students in Illuminism and to train them to support Illuminism.

Textbooks have been revised and rewritten to present the subject matter from a Marxist or other illuministic perspective. They promote globalism; “good” has become equated with globalism. Such revisions frequently require the omission of valuable and important facts. They often misstate facts and even outright lie. Even dictionaries have been rewritten to define certain words in ways to incorporate illuministic bias.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corp. financed John Dewey’s socialist philosophy. Dewey was the father of “progressive education,” which became the dominant educational philosophy in the United States. As an atheist and coauthor of the Humanist Manifesto, he preached against immutable truths and permanent moral absolutes. Pragmatism and relativism were his guiding philosophy. He believed that man had no soul or freewill. Man was merely an animal molded by his environment. As man’s environment constantly changed, so man constantly changed. Therefore, to teach absolute morals and truths was a waste of time.

He sought to turn the school house into a temple of the religion of secular humanism. To Dewey, individual judgment was socialism’s greatest enemy, so he worked to replace proven educational programs with programs designed to make a more controllable society. The primary goal of education was to destroy a child’s individualistic traits. The ability of a pupil to become one with the group became the primary measure of a pupil’s educational progress. Students were to be trained to live and work collectively. Thus, pupils were discouraged from trying to advance faster than the lowest member of the group. As grading promoted competition, it was to be abandoned. Promotion was to be automatic.

The purpose of schools was not to develop the student’s talents. It was to prepare the student to integrate into an organic society, the global community. Thus, the student’s “cosmic soul” was to become one with the human race.

Dewey taught David and Nelson Rockefeller. He also organized the educational system of the Soviet Union.

With money from the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corp., Illuminists have financed and controlled the National Education Association (NEA). “By 1934 the NEA adopted John Dewey’s philosophy of humanism, socialism, and globalism, and incorporated it into the classroom.”[2]

To consolidate complete control over public education in the United States, Nelson Rockefeller created and ran the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare during the Eisenhower administration. (The educational functions of this department were later moved into a new department, the Department of Education during the Carter administration.) Thus, Eisenhower accomplished what Truman had failed to do. (Truman had tried several times to get Congress to create the Department of Health, Education, Welfare, but Republicans and conservative Democrats prevented its creations. Eisenhower got most of the Republicans to join the liberal Democrats in establishing this department.) Through federal grants, the United States government, which the Illuminists thoroughly control, has gained complete control of the public schools.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is another important tool of the Illuminists in directing education (schooling) not only in the United States, but throughout the world for the benefit of the Illuminists. The objective of UNESCO is to train children to be citizens of the world. To achieve this goal, their love of their country, institution, and own people along with patriotism must be destroyed. Thus, children are to be conditioned to transfer their loyalty from their country to a one-world socialistic government under the United Nations, which the Illuminists will control. UNESCO has also promoted keeping children separated from parents as much as possible. The minds of children must be purged of any national or family loyalties (and if their parents are Christians or even nominal Christians, of any Christian thoughts) before they can be molded into non-thinking citizens of the world. (Christianity, nationalism, and family loyalty are antagonists of globalism and Illuminism.) Accordingly, governments establish preschool programs like kindergarten and Head Start. Governments promote working mothers and warehousing children in daycare centers. As part of its program to destroy nationalism, UNESCO also promotes teaching children enmity toward their domestic institution unless these institutions are already compatible with Illuminism. (Thus, to make the merger of the United States into this one-world government easier, their Constitution and relatively free market economy must be destroyed. The destruction of these institutions has been a major goal of government schools.) History is to be taught from a global perspective instead of a national perspective. Consequently, UNESCO also promotes keeping children ignorant of national history and domestic institutions of their own countries and other countries and of the horrors of Communism and failures of socialism— ignorant people are easier to control. The achievements and greatness of Christianity, Western Civilization, and the Aryan race are to be disparaged if not denounced. UNESCO promotes turning schools into doctrinarian centers for Illuminism (globalism, socialism, New Age religion, one-world government). To destroy further traditional morality, loyalties, and family, UNESCO promotes abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, and miscegenation. The essence of UNESCO’s program is Dewey’s progressive educational theory.

Public (government) schools have become temples of the New Age religions where children are proselytized. Children are taught secular humanism, worship of Gaia, witchcraft, Theosophy, and other New Age pantheistic religions. The purpose of public schools is to proselytize for New Age religions, the “religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being.”[3] Belief in the God of the Christians is mental illness. Public schools are to replace “the rotting corpse of Christianity together with all its adjacent evils and misery”[4] with the new faith, which is really the old Luciferian religion of man as god. They are to take children away from their parents and heal them by purging their psyches of all taints of Christianity. (Consequently, public schooling is moving to an ever younger age with the objective of having every child two years of age and older under the control of government, which the Illuminists control.) School children are being prepared for the religion of the New World Order.

Illuminists have gained control of public schools and have turned them into agents for social change—thus, fulfilling the longtime goal of Freemasonry of capturing public education and using it to promote the anti-Christ religion and socialistic politics of Freemasonry. (All that now remains to bring education completely under the control of the Illuminists is eliminating Christian and Catholic schools and outlawing home schooling.) They are using their control to prepare students for the illuministic New World Order. School children are being prepared for a world of moral relativism without Christianity. They are being taught to accept supranational regional governance and then a world government. They are being taught to hate the Aryan race and to glorify all other races. They are being taught that homosexual sex and miscegenation are not only normal, but are superior sexual relations. With easy access to abortion, they are being taught to devalue life. Euthanasia is also promoted. A school curriculum promoting pantheistic religion and world government has replaced traditional Western curricula, which promoted Christianity, nationalism, and ethics. A primary function of public schools is to turn children into good “global citizens.” Teachers are to concentrate on the social orientation of students instead of educating them. Children should be unable to read and especially unable to think or analyze. GOALS 2000 and the “no child left behind” program are part of the New World Order’s educational program.

The Illuminists have implemented the educational program that Woodrow Wilson outlined in 1909. Wilson described the illuministic educational program as follows:
. . . We want to do two things in modern society. We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks. You cannot train them for both in the time the you have at your disposal. They must make a selection, and you must make a selection.[5]
True to its fascist principles, the illuministic state strips parents of authority over their children, yet it holds parents responsible for their children. Illuminist controlled government usurps parental authority, yet it holds parents accountable.

Secular humanism has replaced Christianity as the state religion. It is the religion upon which state institutions and laws are built. Man is worshiped instead of God.

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Copyright © 2010 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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New Age Religions

New Age Religions
Thomas Allen

[Editor’s note: Footnotes in the original are omitted.]

Another important movement underlying the advancement of Illuminism has been the New Age religious movement that became so apparent during the last part of the twentieth century.

New Age religions are pantheistic and occult. Most of the New Age religions are built upon Hinduism, Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, and Theosophy. They include witchcraft (manipulating the forces of nature) and Satanism (the direct worship of Lucifer). New Age religions range from humanistic worship of “God within” to the pagan worship of Gaia (mother Earth, the Greek goddess of Earth). They allow the individual to pick his own religious truths and his own set of morals and ethics—thus, they discard absolute moral standards and eternal principles and adopt relativism. Instead of worshiping the Creator, the God of the Christians, New Age practitioners worship the creation. The New Age religions base their spiritual truths on personal experience and not on the established facts and truths of the Bible. (These New Age truths are revealed by one’s inter being, or his “psyche.”) The goal of the New Age religious movement is to replace Christianity and limited government with occult socialism, Luciferianism.

Common practices of various New Age sects are trances (altered states of consciousness), astral projections or space travel (out-of-body travel), past life regression (visiting past lives through hypnosis), divination (seeing future events), and spirit guides (direct interaction with spirit beings). Connected with spirit guides, who are, contrary to the belief of most New Age practitioners, demons, is automatic writing. (Messages received through automatic writing are always opposed to orthodox Christianity.) Common features of most occult religions are evolution, reincarnation, astrology, and meditation. New Age religion often involves the use of mind-altering drugs to achieve an altered state. Thus, the drug culture and occultism are companions.

Some popular new age religions are Hare Krishna, Zen Buddhism, Sufism as expressed by the Meher Baba, Transcendental Meditation, and the Divine Light Mission. Hare Krishna and the Divine Light Mission came out to Hinduism. Hare Krishna comes closer to Christianity than any other Hindu sect. Zen Buddhism came out of Buddhism. (In the United States, drugs like LSD have become an important component of Zen Buddhism.)

The Satanic practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:10-11 are popular among various New Age sects. They are making children pass through fire (offering children as human sacrifices to a god, today appearing as abortion), divination (fortune telling, soothsaying), enchantment (interpreting omens), witchcraft (practicing astrology and the like), sorcery (using occult formulas and incantations), charming (casting spells), spiritualism (consulting with spirits), wizardry (acquiring superhuman knowledge from demons), and necromancy (calling up the dead).

Included among the New Age ideas are sex, pornography, the homosexual and feminist movements, environmentalism, abortion and euthanasia, psycho-therapies, worship of Mother Earth, and, especially, embracing any god but the God of the Christians. New Age religions teach that the rights of individuals must give way to the rights of humanity (naturally, the Illuminists will define what the rights of humanity are). Like National Socialists and Hindus, New Agers often place the lives of animals above the lives of people. New Age religions are replacing secular humanism in the temples of the public schools as people become aware of the demoralizing effects of secular humanism. (To destroy Christianity, the Illuminists promote secular humanism because it leads to vast numbers of spiritually starved people, many of whom in their hunger will turn to the occult and other New Age religions where they will worship Lucifer, the God of Illuminism.)

Corporations, hospitals, universities, public schools, and even federal agencies are promoting New Age practices, if not New Age religions themselves. Diversity training, value clarification, Zen, and Transcendental Meditation are among the most popularly promoted practices.

As New Age religions can absorb all religions except Christianity, Christianity must be destroyed. To destroy Christianity, the Illuminists have worked unceasingly to erode Christian values and to create apathy in the Church. They have labored to starve spiritually the masses by secularizing society. To feed the spiritual starved, the Illuminists offer Lucifer’s New Age religions.

Among Congressmen who were the leading promoters of the New Age revolution when they were in Congress were New Gingrich (Republican, member of CFR, 33rd degree Freemason), Mark Hatfield (Republican, Freemason, and supporter of global depopulation), Arlen Specter (Republican, Freemason, and ardent supporter of one world government), and Charlie Rose (Democrat).[1]

Included among the financial supports of the New Age movements are Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Lockheed Aircraft, and Rockefeller Foundation.[2]

Sun Moon and the Unification Church
The most dangerous New Age religions are those that give the appearance of being Christian but are really counterfeits. Sun Moon’s Unification Church typifies this type of church. Sun Moon’s Unification Church is perhaps the largest new age cult religious organization. Financing this church is the Korean CIA with money from the United States CIA. Moon is an ardent anti-Communist. Not only is Moon a leader in corrupting the Christian religion with false Christian doctrine, he is also a leader in destroying the Aryan people through miscegenation. Besides promoting miscegenation, Moon rejects the divine nature of Jesus—reducing him to being merely a man who perfectly understood God’s will—and Jesus’ return to Earth—Moon, who claims to be sinless, is the Lord of the Second Coming. Jesus failed in his mission because he did not marry and procreate holy offspring. Moon claims that Jesus accomplished only partial salvation; another (presumably, Moon) is needed to complete the work of Jesus and bring complete salvation. He makes himself, not Jesus, as the object of faith. He has been accused of teaching salvation through sexual intercourse with someone whom God has blessed. While traditional Christian ordinances of baptism and communion are avoided, seances, clairvoyance, and other occult practices are accepted. Moon also claims to receive revelations from God. To his brand of “Christianity,” he has incorporated Taoism, mysticism, and spiritualism. Like all Illuminists, Moon wants to establish a global government and a one world religion; both of which will be merged into one. Moon controls the Washington Times, which backs neo-conservatives.

[Editor's note: A short section on other cults in the original is omitted.]

In 1950, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, a science-fiction writer, unveiled his dianetics, the essence of Scientology. Scientology has become one of the most powerful and influential religious movements. Controlling the minds of others without their consent is the objective of many of the procedures of Scientology. It uses a combination of Catholic confession and psychotherapy. Its tenets include psychoanalysis and probing one’s prenatal influences, which are the cause of one’s present problems. Scientology teaches that man, who descended from gods, is basically good. However, he has a reactive mind of compulsions and inhibitions that can be, and need to be, contacted and erased. Good and evil are a matter of opinion: Morality is relative, not absolute. To Scientology, God is irrelevant; only Scientology is relevant. God is ignored. Man is deified and can perfect himself through perfect reasoning. With his perfect reasoning, man can solve all human problems. Reincarnation is also part of the Scientology doctrine. Teaching that enlightenment is attained through a series of stages, Scientology is, in essence, a form of Gnosticism. It contains eight grades of clearness; the eighth grade is reached when all a person’s engram from prenatal influences and previous existence have been cleared. Its eight dynamics are “(1) to survive as an individual; (2) to survive through sex and family; (3) to survive as a group (school, society, town, and nation); (4) to survive as mankind; (5) to preserve animal and plant life; (6) to preserve the physical universe, including matter, energy, space and time; (7) to preserve spiritual existence; and (8) to preserve immortal existence.”[3] Scientology is a mixture of “‘Hindu Veda and Dharma, Taoism, Old Testament wisdom, Buddhist principles of brotherly love and compassion, the early Greeks, Lucretius, Spinosa, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Spencer and Freud.’”[4] The works of Alfred Korzybski (author of General Semantics), Grinker (American psychiatrists), Speigel (American psychiatrists), William Sargant (English psychiatrists), Aleister Crowley (the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of black magic) are also incorporated. Scientology is essentially a mixture of science fiction and magic. Although Hubbard disdained Christianity and called Christ a “hypnotic implant,” he, nevertheless, dressed Scientology in Christian garb and claimed it to be a nondenominational church. It offers no one a way to salvation.

Blavatsky and Theosophy
An important ancestor of the New Age religions is Theosophy. Theosophy is closely related to Freemasonry theologically.

Theosophy combines Eastern philosophical religious teachings with Western. Beginning with the essence of God, it arrives at the spiritual nature of the Universe. It claims knowledge of God’s person through direct knowledge, physical processes, and philosophical speculation. It uses speculative mysticism to explain how sin in this world can coexist with an omnipotent, holy God. Theosophists believe that God is impersonal and that man can perfect himself. “Man is god in the making.” Man faces no final judgment. “Hell” is a state of purgatory where souls of the dead stay until they are reincarnated. Thus, reincarnation is one of its tenets. Jesus becomes merely a pious religious leader who was martyred. Theosophy holds that God has revealed himself to the world long before Jesus arrived. The ancient myths and legends of the Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, and other people are variations of the same revelation. Likewise, the Christian Scriptures are merely a variation of this revelation. Theosophy is a form of Pantheism. Types of theosophists include Neoplatonists, Gnostics, and Cabalists.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is the mother of modern-day Theosophy and the modern-day New Age movement. Her Theosophy borrowed heavily from the Jewish Cabala, especially the anti-Christian aspects of the Cabala, for she fervently hated Christianity. She viewed Lucifer (Satan) “as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind.” Lucifer, not Jesus, is man’s savior. Satan, a heavenly spirit who deceives mankind, as orthodox Christianity conceives him, does not exist in Theosophy; instead Satan is glorified for his pride, independence, and rebelliousness. Secretly directing evolution of mankind is an elite group called “Great Masters,” “Adepts,” and “Great White Brotherhood.” Blavatsky typically referred to this group as “Ascended Masters of Wisdom.” They are highly evolved souls who, after many reincarnations, have left the earthly sphere for the spiritual realm. Building upon a base of Hinduism and Buddhism, Theosophy synthesized philosophy, religion, and science.

Blavatsky claimed that she had spent many years traveling through Tibet where she had been initiated into the Mysteries of the occult and through India. When some of her followers in India were arrested for homosexual acts, she left for the United States. Rene Guenon claims that she came to the United States from Paris and that she was probably never in Tibet. Her teachers were Paulos Metamon (a magician and conjuror), Mazzini (who initiated her into the Carbonari in 1856), and Victor Michel (a Freemason, mesmerist, and spiritualist). Serapis Bey and Tuiti Bey, who were Cabalists and members of the Egyptian Brothers, were probably her masters in Paris. She and Albert Pike were socially close. Blavatsky knowingly and willingly rejected God of the Christians, the father of Christ Jesus, and accepted Lucifer as her god.

Regardless who sent her, she arrived in the United States in 1872 and founded her Theosophical Society in 1875 with the aid of William Q. Judge and Henry S. Olcott. Olcott became the first president. Other members included Dr. Seth Pancoast, Thomas Edison, and, briefly, Albert Pike. Pancoast and George Felt were vice-presidents. Felt was a professor of mathematics and Egyptology and a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, which later expelled him.

Annie Besant, who had become a disciple of Blavatsky in 1889, gained control of the Theosophical Society following Blavatsky’s death in 1891, and in 1907 she became president. Besant was a member of the National Secular Society and a preacher of free thought. She advocated socialism and was a founder of the Fabian Society. She founded the English branch of the Theosophical Society and later the Indian branch. She was also vice-president and great teacher of the Supreme Council of the International Order of Co-Masonry.

Blavatsky was primarily interested in the occult sciences. She cared little about politics and schemes of material welfare. She claimed that socialism and Communism were both “disguised conspiracies of brutal force and selfishness against honest labor.”[5] Besant, however, was more political minded and organized the Society on a political basis to advocate socialism and world government.

Blavatsky thought that the teachings of Gautama Buddha were a perfection of Hinduism and wanted to rehabilitate Buddhism. Besant thought that the doctrines of the Brahmans were the purer faith. Yet Besant did not introduce Brahmanism or Buddhism into her lodges in Europe; she introduced her own occult system.

The objectives of the Theosophical Society are “The World Religion, The World University, and the World Government (by the Restoration of the Mysteries, i.e., by the recognition of their place as the World Government as they were recognized in ancient days, the place they have ever continued to occupy. . .).”[6] Theologically, the Theosophical Society is Gnostic and anti-Christian. Out of the teachings and philosophy of the Theosophical Society came the New Age movement of the twentieth century.

Arcane School and World Union
Freemasonry is behind the New Age movement in general and the Theosophical Society, which is basically a front for Freemasonry’s religious doctrines, in particular. Related to the Theosophical Society are the Lucis Trust, the Arcane Schools, the Triangles, and World Goodwill (which merged with the World Union in 1961). The Lucis Trust promotes the belief in the Hierarchy, also known as Ascended Masters, Masters of Wisdom, and the Elder Brothers. These Hierarchs are extremely wise men, who through successive reincarnations have become gods. Lucis Trust also promotes the United Nations, one world government with a socialist world economy. (It runs the only religious chapel at the United Nations’ headquarters—thus, affirming the Satanic nature of the United Nations.) Lucis Trust and its allied organizations serve as an intermediary between Freemasonry and allied secret societies and the public. Its goal is to condition the masses to accept the spiritual principles of Illuminism and its New World Order.

The Arcane Schools train people for high-level work in the New Age movement. The Triangles are meditation groups of three people. World Goodwill distributed literature promoting theosophy. After its merger with World Union, it distributed literature promoting world government.

Alice Ann Bailey, a Theosophist, established the Lucis Trust, World Goodwill, Triangles, Arcane School, and New Group of World Servers. Bailey was anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. Her many books were written through her by her spirit guide. In building the infrastructure and articulating the strategy of the modern New Age movement, she is probably the most important person.

World Union is leading the way toward world government through the World Constitution Parliament Association (WCPA). Philip Isely was the principal organizer of the World Constitution Parliament Association, which was founded in 1959. The objective of this association is to create a framework for establishing a one-world government. To promote global governance, it uses environmentalism, i.e., creating fear and hysteria that mankind is irrecoverably destroying the environment and the only way to prevent this ravishing of the environment is to establish an all-powerful centralized world government. Claiming to represent the people of Earth (have you ever voted for any member of this association to represent you?), it has drafted a constitution for its world government and is lobbying countries to ratify it.

By urging the United Nations to establish itself quickly as a world government with absolute power over the countries and peoples of the world, the World Constitution Parliament Association serves to apply pressure from below in “the name of the people.” Thus, it gives the Illuminists an excuse for establishing a global dictatorship—the people are forcing them to do it.

For the less spiritually inclined, the Illuminists offer psychotherapy as a substitute for religion. Like many other New Age religions, it treats man as though he is an autonomous being, who is the center of the Universe and the measure of all things. Psychotherapy, which includes psychology and psychiatry, is closely related to Hinduism. It offers fulfillment without God and explains human behavior without moral absolutes. If a person feels guilt about homosexual practices, the psychotherapist strives to convince the patient that homosexuality is normal, and thus, he should experience no guilt. So, if a person feels a desire, that desire must be satisfied without regards to any moral principle—or else insanity will result.

Psychotherapy has become an important weapon in advancing Illuminism. It teaches moral relativism, and anyone who believes in moral absolutes is obviously mentally ill if not insane. Thus, psychotherapy justifies the socialist concept of redistribution of material wealth. Furthermore, the National Association for Mental Health claims that the “principles of mental heath cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship.”[7] The typical psychotherapist believes that anyone who opposes Illuminism or any of its programs needs therapy and is well on his way to becoming mentally ill if he is not already mentally ill. (Dr. G. Brock Chisholm and his associates define mental illness as a “sense of loyalty to a particular nation, a sense of loyalty to a moral code, strict adherence to concepts of right and wrong, opposition to foreign aid or communism.”[8] Psychotherapy is used to silence people who oppose Illuminism by proclaiming them mentally ill—often without any examination. (Fortunately, not all psychologists and psychiatrists are followers of Chisholm’s doctrines.)

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