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Questions on Israel Identity

Questions on Israel Identity
Thomas Allen

The following looks at the responses of an Israel Identity advocate to three questions. He identifies the United States as Ephraim (presumably, he believes that most Americans are descendants of Ephraim or at least the Israelite tribe named after him). However, he admits that he is not conducting a class. (Israel Identity, also called British-Israelism, Christian Identity, and Kingdom Identity, claims that the lost tribes of Israel became the Germanic and Celtic tribes that invaded Europe and settled in Western Europe.)

The questions and responses on Israel Identity are in the appendix below. Basically, his answers claim that genetics are irrelevant.

The first question notes that Ephraim and Manasseh had an Egyptian mother, and, therefore, they were not pure Israelites. He responds that the mother’s race and ethnicity, i.e., her genetics, are irrelevant. He uses Ruth, David’s great-grandmother, as an example. As do most people, he claims that Ruth was a Moabite. She was not; she was an Israelite (see “The Bible, Segregation, and Miscegenation” by Thomas Allen).

Moreover, according to him, a person can become an Israelite by adoption. Thus, a Negro, Turanian, or Melanochroi can become an Israelite, who were originally Aryan (White), merely by adoption. Accordingly, a Turanian Korean can become an Aryan Israelite by adoption and, presumably, can intermarry with the Aryans without violating God’s law prohibiting miscegenation — how absurd (see “The Bible, Segregation, and Miscegenation” and “One Thing Your Pastor Will Not Tell You”). (Does this Israel Identity person believe that God forbids miscegenation?)

Following his reasoning, if the Ephraimites had migrated to Ethiopia instead of Europe and settled among the Melanochroic Gallas where they are absorbed into the Gallas or the Gallas are absorbed into them through interracial marriage, then, according to this Israel Identity person, the offspring of the male Ephraimites are also Ephraimites because the mother’s genetics do not matter. Furthermore, the offspring of these Galla-Ephraimite-mixed males would also be Ephraimites, and likewise all the following generations. Additionally, the Ephraimites could have adopted all the Galla males, and, thereby, making all the Gallas Ephraimites. After many generations when all the Ephraimite chromosomes, except perhaps the male Y chromosome, have been bred out of this gene pool, these people would still be true Ephraimites. Consequently, what was once an Aryan people is now a Melanochroic people. (Is it possible that the Ephraimites in the United States are not from Europe but are from Ethiopia and Somalia?)

The second question inquires about distinguishing Israelites from non-Israelites. Since he cannot make such a distinction, he gives a hazy answer. However, he seems sure that he is an Israelite of the tribe of Ephraim. How does he know for sure? According to him, only God can tell an Israelite from a non-Israelite. However, this does not help the Israel Identity people. They place great importance, not only on distinguishing between an Israelite and a non-Israelite, but they also place great importance on identifying the tribes of the Israelite. (I have yet found an Israelite Identity person who can distinguish a real Israelite from a mixed Israelite from a non-Israelite White based solely on physical features.)

The third question asks about what happened to the people of the land to which the Israelites migrated. He answers that the Israelites absorbed them and, by that, amalgamated the two people into one people. (This answer applies to the European migration and not to the Palestinian migration. When the Israelites entered Palestine, the Promised Land, they either killed or expelled most of the inhabitants.) Thus, that any pure Israelite exists today is highly unlikely. So, why this concern about identifying the Israelites, even down to the tribe, when they may no longer exist?

To summarize his responses, genetics do not matter. Yet, identifying Israelites, even down to the tribe, is of great importance, even if today’s Israelites have few if any genetic connection with the Israelites that entered the Promised Land. Accordingly, Israelites can be of any race — at least that is what this Israel Identity person implies.

First, Ephraim and Manasseh were not pure Israelites because their mother was an Egyptian.

Second, you are telling me that if we lined up a thousand Whites who are the same size, age, dress, etc., and you know nothing about them except what you see, you can tell me which ones are descended from which tribe of Israel and which ones are not Israelites.

Third, what happened to all the White people who inhabited Europe before the Israelites arrived?

First, the male line is always what determines tribe. A Moabite was King David's great grandmother but no one would accuse him of not being a fully Jewish Israelite. And Jesus is considered a Jew even though His literal male line is pure Divinity, not Jewish. He was adopted by a Jewish father, Joseph. (His mother was a Levite, not a Jew.) Not only were Ephraim & Manasseh fathered by Joseph but were also adopted directly by Jacob, doubling the lineage.

Second, I am not saying that at all but nations have characteristics that define them as a people otherwise there wouldn't be nations. We're seeing the polarization now between the true Americans (both physical and spiritual) and the pagan parasites. That separation will continue until the parasites are purged by God Himself.

Third, the same thing that happened to people who inhabited the areas where the original tribes took over. And no nation is ever completely homogeneous, least of all Ephraim. In fact, one of Ephraim's identifying hallmarks is all the foreigners he invites in that sap his strength and overwhelm him. No nation ever did that before the American "melting pot".

Study Ephraim and ask Jesus to teach. There is lots of material out there. I am just pointing at a line of study, not conducting the class.

Copyright © 2020 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Basic Principles of the Modern Left

 Basic Principles of the Modern Left

Thomas Allen

In “The Modern Left Is Not Marxist, It’s Worse,” Chronicles, November 2020 (page 19), Paul Gottfried identifies four basic principles or practices of the modern left. The modern left rose after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

(1) Leftists are globalists or universalists. They find Western Christian White society revolting and seek its demise. Unlike the right that values particularity and the sanctity of local and natural traditions, the left rejects particularity and traditions.

(2) Leftists worship equality and endeavor to obliterate all human distinctions and differences. Nothing is more valuable than equality. Consequently, the ideal human is a unisexual (asexual, hermaphroditic, sexually fluid — any sex except male or female), motley, mongrel being — and all these humans have the same intelligence, beauty, talents, skills, and standard of living.  Thus, the ideal society consists of indistinguishable beings. (Since most rightists are racial nihilists, they agree with the leftist desire to create motley, mongrel humans, but they disagree on the sexual part.)

(3) Since “historically grounded natural rights do not advance equality or ‘human dignity,’” leftists promote the expansion of “human rights.” Human rights call for the extinction of social and historical distinctions. They want to replace “long established customs and conventions” with whatever “journalists and academics deem conducive to greater equality.”

(One equality that modern leftists shun is equality before the law, which is an equality that rightists accept. For leftists, anyone who promotes equality and other leftist agendas can violate all sorts of laws with immunity. Examples of lawbreaking leftists escaping punishment are the Clintons and members of Black Lives Matter or Antifa.)

(4) Leftists believe that humans are perfectly malleable. For example, any male  can become a female including replacing his male Y chromosome with a female X chromosome.  Likewise, any female can become a male including replacing one of her female X chromosomes with a male Y chromosome. Judges and other governmental officials should defend the right of a person to become any of the more than 100 current sexes, and everyone should accept such sex, even if it changes daily, and find it admirable and heroic. Consequently, leftists spurn the notion of the right that “human identities are rooted in tradition and nature.” Thus, the left believes that genetics do not influence a person’s nature (many rightists also hold this belief).

Therefore, the goal of modern leftists is to destroy sexual identity, the White race and other races (racial nihilism) if they are consistent, Western civilization, and Christianity — the last two because they are products of the White, Aryan, race. All distinction and differences are to be sacrificed on the altar of equality.

Gottfried notes that the old left of the Soviet-Union days focused on economic equality (socialism, communism, welfarism) and gave little attention to social equality except for the civil rights movement (which they orchestrated). The modern left focuses more on social equality. Nevertheless, modern leftists do not ignore economic equality. However, they prefer welfarism with a highly progressive income tax, expanded welfare programs, and other wealth redistribution programs. Instead of governmental ownership of businesses, industries, and farms as advocated by the old left, the modern left advocates a highly regulated economy. Thus, they prefer the fascist model of socialism where governmental central planning is through governmental control of privately owned businesses, industries, and farms.

Also, Gottfried observes that some of the biggest supporters and pushers of modern leftism are major multinational corporations. Could it be that these corporations promote the leftist agenda because it leads to a homogenous market? After all, the leftist lust for equality destroys diversity. The destruction of diversity would result in a homogenous market, and a homogenous market would reduce the cost of production and marketing because everyone would want the same things.

Whereas old leftists emphasized economic equality, modern leftists emphasize social equality. Thus, modern leftists advocate racial nihilism and the new morality with no sexual differences — that is, racial and sexual amalgamation. Moreover, they seek to annihilate the White race, Christianity, and Western civilization. They strive to nullify human nature and to remake mankind to be contrary to his natural genetic makeup. Individuals, races, and the sexes are naturally unequal and can never be made equal. Naturally low-quality people can never be raised to the level of naturally high-quality people. However, high-quality people can be suppressed. Consequently, leftists need to institute a totalitarian government to achieve equality by suppressing everything superior — except the ruling elite. Ironically and hypocritically, although they preach equality, leftists believe that they are superior to rightists and other deplorables — yet, most leftists may deny their superiority.

Copyright © 2020 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Biden the Unifier

Biden the Unifier

Thomas Allen

Biden pledged to be a unifier as President. So far, he is not acting as a unifier. He and his disciples and supporters, the Bidenites, hurl extremely vehement, vicious, venomous, vindictive diatribes, tirades, condemnations, and revilings at half the population of the country — the deplorables. Moreover, the Bidenites want to censor the deplorables and to deny them access to the internet, the right to travel, and even their jobs and access to their bank accounts. With Biden’s approval and support, the Bidenites urge the dehumanizing and making the deplorables nonpersons. They want to treat the deplorables worst than the Nazis treated the Jews.

Biden’s first step as a unifier is condemning Senators who supported Trump in objecting to the stolen election as Nazis. Then he proceeds to declare war on the deplorables by declaring them to be terrorists. How long will it be before he declares martial law and begins rounding up deplorables and imprisoning them indefinitely if not just murder them outright?

(What Biden means when he says that is a unifier is that he will eliminate everyone who disagrees with the globalist plan to destroy Western Civilization, to genocide the White race, and to turn America into another China. Then everyone will think alike, act alike, and be alike — so much for diversity being our strength.)

Also, Biden says that our darkest days are ahead of us. Will he fulfill his prophecy? So far, he has been striving to fulfill it with his rhetoric and lack thereof — that is, so far, all that he has done has been to instill fear and strife and to stifle hope and reconciliation. If Biden keeps half his promises, then the half of the population who love liberty, the deplorables, will face dark days. However, those who love oppression, i.e., his disciples and supporters, will have great joy as their dreams come true.

Trump is merely the figurehead who represents the deplorables, which is why Biden and the Bidenites are viciously attacking him. As much as Biden and the Bidenites hate Trump, they utterly disdain and absolutely loathe the deplorables. Biden’s and the Bidenites’ treatment of Trump shows what they want to do to the deplorables.

If Biden really wanted to unify the country, he would seek reconciliation with Trump and the deplorables. Instead, Biden the unifier and his disciples and supporters seek unification by destroying Trump and annihilating the deplorables.

All indications are that Biden will continue Obama’s work for the globalists. Thus, we will witness further destruction of America and Western Civilization and the genocide of the White race. If Biden is successful, by 2024, America will become like China. It will become a two-class country with a few elite living in luxury and feeding their lust for power at the top and the rest, including nearly all of the Bidenites, living like proletarians and peasants on the bottom — and almost no one in between.

The election: All the proof that a rational person with a functioning brain cell needs to know that the Democrats cheated and stole the election is their attitude toward Trump’s allegations of voter fraud. If Trump’s allegations were false, the Democrats would be in the forefront of demanding a thorough, open, transparent, impartial investigation into voter fraud to prove that Trump is wrong and, thus, embarrassing him. Instead, they object to and block any investigation.

The Capitol Building riot: In discovering the real culprits behind the Capitol Building riot, one needs to use the cui bono principle, for whose benefits. Trump and his supporters did not benefit. The riot greatly harmed them and seriously damaged their cause. However, the riot immensely advances the cause of the Democrats, globalists, and Chinese by devastating Trump and his supporters. Besides, Democrats are notorious for accusing Republicans of crimes of which the Democrats are guilty.

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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Indirect Taxes and Direct Taxes

Indirect Taxes and Direct Taxes
Thomas Allen

In Out of Step: The Autobiography of an Individualist (New York: The Devin-Adair Company, 1962), Frank Chodorov gives a good comparison of indirect taxation with direct taxation, pages 219–227. A summary of that comparison follows.

Taxes fall into two categories: indirect taxes and direct taxes. Indirect taxes are levied on goods and services before they reach the consumer. Examples of indirect taxes are sales taxes, excise taxes, value-added taxes, and tariffs. Direct taxes are mostly levied on the accumulation of wealth. Examples of direct taxes are property taxes, income taxes, social security taxes, inheritance taxes, and poll taxes.

Chodorov describes indirect taxation as “a permission-to-live price.” Numerous indirect taxes are hidden in the price of every good and service that is for sale. People can only avoid these taxes by refusing to buy and, thus, depriving themselves of the meaning of life and even life itself. Consequently, they pay the tax to survive and to give their life meaning. “The inevitability of this charge on existence is expressed in the popular association of death and taxes.” For most products, taxation is the largest single item in the cost.

Indirect taxes impact the poor much more than the rich. Because there are more low-income people than high-income people, low-income people consume more overall and, therefore, pay a greater share of the indirect taxes.

The state prefers indirect taxes to direct taxes because they are usually hidden. “It is taking, so to speak, while the victim is not looking.” About people who justify taxation as moral, Chodorov writes, “Those who strain themselves to give taxation a moral character are under obligation to explain the State’s preoccupation with hiding taxes in the price of goods. Is there a confession of guilt in that?”

Unlike indirect taxes, the taxpayer cannot pass direct taxes onto others. Direct taxation taxes people on what they have instead of something that they buy. It taxes people “on the proceeds of enterprise or the returns from services already rendered, not on anticipated revenue.” Consequently, the taxpayer has no way of shifting the burden of a direct tax.

The envious have always supported direct taxes because they believe the “soak-the-rich propaganda.” Also, among the adherents of direct taxation are the promoters of democracy; they see it, along with universal suffrage, as necessary to the achievement of democracy.

As history has shown, the greed of the state does not stop with taxing the rich. Its direct taxation spreads to cover the lowest-paid workers. Because in the aggregate, the poor generally have more to be taken than the rich; consequently, the state soon goes after the poor. As with indirect taxes, low-income people bear a much higher burden under direct taxation than do the rich. A small tax on the income of a low-income earner causes more hardship than a larger tax on a high-income earner.

Because direct taxes directly deny “the sanctity of private property,” they are more vicious than indirect taxes. “By its very surreptition the indirect tax is a back-handed recognition of the right of the individual to his earnings.” Thus, the state covertly takes what it needs, “but it does not have the temerity to question the right of the owner to his goods.” However, with direct taxation, the state claims, without embarrassment or shame, the right to all property. Thus, with direct taxation, “private ownership becomes a temporary and revocable stewardship.” Direct taxation leads to the Marxist concept of state supremacy replacing the Jeffersonian ideal of inalienable rights.

About taxation, Chodorov writes:
Taxes of all kinds discourage production. Man works to satisfy his desires, not to support the State. When the results of his labors are taken from him, whether by brigands or organized society, his inclination is to limit his production to the amount he can keep and enjoy.

Replacing the Federal Income Tax with a National Sales Tax
Some tax reformers are proposing to replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax. Typically, they propose a rate of 20-some percent to make the revenue from the sales tax to be approximately equal to that from the income tax. Further, they provide an out for war, national emergencies, etc. Congress can use these outs to raise the tax rate, apparently without limit. Most of these proposals do not prevent Congress from reimposing the income tax other than the integrity of Congress.

These proposals are highly flawed and do not improve the tax situation. Worst, most fail to prevent the return of the income tax. Consequently, Americans end up paying the new sales tax along with an income tax.

If a sales tax is to replace the income tax, it needs to be done by a constitutional amendment, which includes repealing the income tax amendment. Moreover, the repeal amendment or the sales tax amendment should specifically prohibit an income tax and any other similar taxes. Also, the tax amendment should cap the sales tax at a low rate, say 2 percent. It should have no outs; Congress could not exceed the cap even because of war or a national emergency. Another provision should prohibit the federal government from borrowing so that it cannot avoid the tax restrictions with the inflation tax. (This provision must also prevent the issuance of government notes, such as US notes, which is borrowing with noninterest paying loans.)

How could the federal government survive under such revenue restraint? It would have to eliminate all unconstitutional programs that it is currently administrating. This would include the elimination of nearly all the programs that the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, and Transportation administer. It would also require ending the undeclared wars that the United States are involved in and ending the American Empire.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine: Its Effectiveness and Safety

COVID-19 Vaccine: 

Its Effectiveness and Safety

Thomas Allen

For 20 years, big pharma has been trying to develop a vaccine for coronavirus. For 20 years, it has failed. Now, we are asked to believe that big pharma has accomplished in less than a year what it failed to achieve in the previous 20 years. (A major reason for previous failures is that the vaccine fell to pass the animal trials. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed eliminated animal testing.)

How Protective Is the Vaccine

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. – Mark Twain

The presstitute media continually report that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective. They mislead with their statistics. Thus, they lie with a deceptive truth.

Most people interpret the 90-percent effectiveness to mean that if they are vaccinated, they have only a 10 percent chance of contracting COVID-19. Or, they interpret it to mean that of every 100 people vaccinated, only 10 may become infected; the other 90 percent are immune and, therefore, need not fear catching COVID-19. They are wrong.

In the Pfizer trial, about 0.43 percent of the control, or placebo, group tested positive at the end of the trial while 0.04 percent in the vaccinated group tested positive. This translates into 90.7-percent-vaccine effectiveness [100–(1–(0.04 ÷0.43))]. However, the absolute risk reduction for an individual is only 0.39 percent [0.43–0.04]. That is, the vaccinated person has a 0.39-percent advantage over an unvaccinated person in not contracting COVID-19. Thus, 256 [1÷0.0039] people have to be vaccinated for one person to benefit from the vaccine. Of the remaining 255 vaccinated people, none receive any benefit. However, they risk the adverse effects of the vaccination, which can be severe. Of the trial participants, 10 to 15 percent suffered significant side effects. Moreover, the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are unknown. Even if one interprets Pfizer’s data to mean that an unvaccinated person has ten times greater chance of contracting COVID-19, it still means that an unvaccinated person has less than a 0.5-percent chance of contracting COVID-19. Why would one assume risking the side effects described below when only 0.43 percent of the unvaccinated population, based on trial studies, becomes infected? Thus, more than 99 percent of the population will receive no benefit from the COVID-19 vaccines.

New Technology and Side Effects

Pfizer’s and most of the other COVID-19 vaccines are using a technology that has never before been used in a vaccine in the United States: mRNA technology. And, only a few months of safety testing have been done with this technology. Instead of using the coronavirus in the vaccine, these COVID-19 vaccines instruct the body to make the COVID-19 spike protein. Consequently, the COVID-19 vaccines manipulate a person’s biological makeup, i.e., it changes the vaccinated person’s cell structure. Moreover, the RNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines is known to have caused autoimmune reactions; that is, it causes the body to attack itself.

Among the other side effects is the sterilization of women. Also, people with a compromised immune system are at great risk of dying from the vaccine. Narcolepsy (sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep), Bell’s palsy (facial nerve paralysis), Guillain-Barre syndrome (an autoimmune disorder that is an inflammatory neuropathy affecting the peripheral nervous system), shingles, and hepatitis are other potential side effects. RNA technology can activate dormant viruses. Moreover, people with a history of allergic reactions should avoid vaccination. (People with a history of allergic reactions were excluded from the study trials — thus, making the vaccines look safer.)

Another side effect is that people who have been vaccinated are testing positive for HIV. (Some researchers have identified COVID-19 as a synthetic virus, and at least one study states that it is made by combining coronavirus with HIV. On the other hand, the standard scientific methodology for identifying a new virus has never been done for COVID-19.)

Control and Track

The ruling elite, the globalists, have been developing mechanisms to use the COVID-19 plandemic and the COVID-19 vaccines as an excuse to control and track people. One consideration is a global passport that shows, among other things, a person’s vaccination status. People would need such a passport to travel. It may also be required for employment and for entering stores, restaurants, sports and entertainment events, etc. Moreover, this passport may be required forever — even long after the pandemic is a forgotten memory. (The ultimate goal of the globalists, the ruling elite, is to turn the world into a society like communist China.)

The current plan calls for giving people who have been vaccinated a vaccination card that shows proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. How long will it be before these cards morph into the equivalent of a global passport? Moreover, people who receive a COVID-19 vaccination will be entered into the States’ immunization registries and reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention — so much for medical confidentiality.

View of Louis Farrakhan

In “The Covid-19 Vaccine and the U.S. policy of depopulation,” Ava Muhammad, Student National Spokesperson of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, argues that the COVID-19 vaccine is being used to genocide Blacks. [Any White progressive, liberal, or wokesperson who disagrees with Farrakhan on this or any other issue is a racist and White supremacist.]

This article associates White’s pushing the COVID-19 vaccines with the pale horse of Revelation, i.e., death. For the government to force Blacks to take the COVID-19 vaccines would be a declaration of war.

When COVID-19 vaccines are ready, governmental officials and the presstitute media will vigorously fill people with the fear of COVID-19. [To terrorize people into being vaccinated, every news broadcast stresses the ever-increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the number of hospitalizations. Also, accompanying these reports is a segment on the availability and distribution of the vaccines and their safety and effectiveness.]

Views that disagree with the establishment’s story of COVID-19 and its vaccines are suppressed and censored. The objective is to keep people fearful and ignorant.

Farrakhan believes that the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines are weapons that Whites are using to genocide nonwhites. [If Farrakhan’s bigotry did not blind him, he would realize that the vaccines are as much a threat to Whites as they are to Blacks and the other races. Moreover, the only race facing genocide is the White or Aryan race.]

The article states that big pharma is the largest lobbyist in Washington and owns both parties. [He is correct about big pharma owing both parties. However, the industrial-military-security lobby is probably larger.] People injured by a vaccine cannot sue the vaccine manufacturer. Moreover, people injured from a COVID-19 cannot receive any compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This prohibition went into effect a month before the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic. [This action looks conspiratorial. Nevertheless, some compensation may be available from the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program {CICP}. However, the CICP limits the maximum payment that a person injured by a COVID-19 vaccine to $250,000. Most likely, the injured person will receive less, much less, than this amount. However, no payment is made until the injured person has exhausted his private insurance. Also, the CICP only pays the difference between what the insurance covers and the CICP’s cap. Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services {DHHS} administers the CICP, and it is also sponsoring the COVID-19 vaccination program. Consequently, the DHHS has a conflict of interest that makes the CICP much less likely to find fault with the vaccines. Moreover, the victim has only one year to file a claim. Rarely, does DHHS pay a claim for a vaccine injury — less than 1 percent of those injured receive any compensation. In any event, why should taxpayers be coerced into paying for damages caused by vaccines? Should not vaccine manufacturers be liable for injuries caused by their products?]

[Hopefully, Farrakhan’s hostility toward COVID-19 will prove fruitful. His opposition has caused most governmental officials to cease pushing making vaccination mandatory — although forcing children to be vaccinated to attend a school or to keep child protection agencies from taking unvaccinated children from their families and forcibly vaccinating them remains to be resolved. As for businesses requiring the COVID-19 vaccination to work, buy, or travel, maybe Farrakhan can send thousands of members of Black Lives Matter to protest these businesses to halt their evil ways. They will certainly respond more quickly and more positively to Black protesters than to White protesters. Thus, the fate and temporal salvation of the country and even mankind may depend on Farrakhan and other people like him.]


Dr. Robert Koops writes, “Vaccines are not cures. Vaccines are not preventatives. Vaccines do not seek out and destroy.” (Koops has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in development, quality control, and biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.) The purpose of vaccines is to cause the body’s immune system to produce antibodies to a particular virus. Thus, in theory, if the body is later exposed to this virus, its immune system will recognize it and respond more quickly and efficiently than normal. Like traditional vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent the body from becoming infected; they attack the viruses in the infected body using a different technology as described above.

Governmental officials and the presstitutes are notorious liars. So, why should anyone believe anything that they say until independent sources collaborate their assertions? So far, the independent sources are saying no COVID-19 pandemic exists and, therefore, no vaccines are needed. Furthermore, independent sources are saying that the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines are highly questionable.

Jon Rappoport writes, “What rational person would line up to take this shot?” Perhaps, that is why the first to receive the shots are those who do not have the right to refuse. Farrakhan needs to organize massive protests against vaccinating prisoners to prevent the genocide of Black prisoners.

To end on a positive note, if you are among the 90 percent who has had one of the common cold coronaviruses in recent years, you are probably protected from COVID-19. Many of these cases being reported as COVID-19 may be no more than cases of the common cold.


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Copyright © 2020 by Thomas Coley Allen.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Cusson’s Description of the Yankee


Cusson’s Description of the Yankee

Thomas Allen

The following description of the Yankee is from United States “History” as the Yankee Makes and Takes It (1900, third edition) by John Cussons, pages 52–54:

Self-styled as the apostle of liberty, he has ever claimed for himself the liberty of persecuting all who presumed to differ from him. Self-appointed as the champion of unity and harmony, he has carried discord into every land that his foot has smitten. Exalting himself as the defender of freedom of thought, his favorite practice has been to muzzle the press and to adjourn legislatures with the sword. Vaunting himself as the only true disciple of the living God, he has done more to bring sacred things into disrepute than has been accomplished by all the apostates of all the ages, from Judas Iscariot to Robert G. Ingersoll. Born in revolt against law and order — breeding schism in the Church and faction in the State — seceding from every organization to which he had pledged fidelity — nullifying all law, human and divine, which lacked the seal of his approval — evermore setting up what he calls his conscience against the most august of constituted authorities and the most sacred of covenanted obligations, he yet has the impregnable conceit to pose himself in the world’s eye as the only surviving specimen of political or moral worth.

What others say about the Yankee

A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body’s matters except his own and repents of everybody’s sins except his own. – General D.H. Hill

A kind of eternal Ostrogoth, a Viking in a peacoat, the Yankee is a scourge upon the planet, a pox surely sent us for atonement for our sins. – Jason Morgan

American history is the history of the South trying to teach the Yankee to behave like a gentleman. – Jason Morgan

A Yankee is a creature without a civilization. – Jason Morgan

There is at work in this land a Yankee spirit and an American spirit.  – James Henley Thornwell, 1859 

One Confederate wag observed that the war happened because Southerners were a contented people and Yankees were not. – Clyde Wilson

[Yankees] are pretty much like Southerners — except with worse manners, of course, and terrible accents. – Margaret Mitchell

A Yankee is a particular breed of person who believes that everyone should live as he does, and if not, he will force you to bend to his will. – Dr. Brion McClanahan

Yankees. God love ‘em. It seems they just can’t help themselves. They have been coming down here to the South for 146 years now telling us Southerners how we should think and act. They just can’t rest until they get everybody to be just like them. So much for diversity being our strength. – Dr. Neill H. Payne

. . . what the Yankee achieved . . . were the shoddy aristocracy of the North and ragged children of the South. – Kenneth Stampp, a Northern historian

A meddling Yankee is God’s worst creation, he cannot run his own affairs correctly, but is constantly interfering in the affairs of others, and he is always ready to repent of everyone’s sins, but his own. – North Carolina newspaper, 1854

The pilgrim fathers of Massachusetts delighted in two things: first, in the freedom from persecution for themselves; and, secondly, in the sweet privilege and power to persecute others. – Albert T. Bledsoe

Do you notice that the above description of the Yankee fits perfectly liberal Democrats and members of Antifa?

Copyright © 2021 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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Monday, December 14, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

Thomas Allen

Politicians, governmental health officials, the presstitute media, and others are pushing the COVID-19 vaccine and are encouraging people to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available. However, at least two important questions need to be answered. Will the vaccines really be safe or just claimed to be safe? (Of course, the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] will do the bidding of its masters and rule that the vaccines are safe.) Other than being a large moneymaker for big pharma, is a vaccine even necessary?

Many people who are pushing vaccination for COVID-19 have a financial interest in the vaccines. Even their presstitute propaganda media have a financial interest because much of their pay comes from big pharma. 

The pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing and selling the COVID-19 vaccines have no real interest in producing safe and effective vaccines. They are exempted from any liability, so if the vaccines kill or maim millions of people, big pharma suffers no financial penalties. Moreover, since many people will be required to be vaccinated to work, travel, or go to school, big pharma has a guaranteed market regardless of safety or effectiveness. Also, if the vaccines prove deadly and ineffective, the presstitute media will shill for their masters, big pharma and the political establishment, and conceal any dangers or lack of effectiveness of the vaccines.

(The polio vaccine is an example of the media and political establishment protecting big pharma from the consequences of a deadly vaccine. The polio vaccine contained a cancer virus. A few people tried to expose this fact. However, the presstitute media and political establishment ostracized, made persona non grata, and otherwise destroyed the exposers. Instead of removing a deadly vaccine, the government acted to protect big pharma and its profits. Thus, the polio vaccine proves that power, propaganda, and profits are more important than safety. Some contributed the explosion in cancer during the 1970s and beyond to the polio vaccine.)

Most of the COVID-19 vaccines incorporate a never-before-tried new vaccine technology. Only short-term safety has been evaluated. Long-term safety will not be known until years later. In other applications of this technology, human health effects have been highly deleterious. Some of these adverse health effects did not appear until years later. 

        Furthermore, the vaccines are not designed to protect the vaccinated person from becoming infected with COVID-19. They are designed to lessen the symptoms of COVID-19 after a person becomes infected.

        Also, the vaccines have been solely or almost solely tested on young, healthy people. Little or no testing has been done on the sickly or aged. Testing on them comes when the vaccines are given to them after the FDA approves the vaccines.

Moreover, the immune stimulant, squalene, being used in the COVID-19 vaccines has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome. Naturally, the government and the presstitute media will deny any connection between the immune stimulant and any later health effects just as they have denied any connection between the immune stimulant and Gulf War Syndrome. (Also, manufacturing squalene may be endangering certain species of sharks since shark liver is the best source of squalene.)

The FDA cannot be trusted to protect the public from dangerous vaccines. Big pharma owns the FDA. Besides, the FDA is a political machine and, therefore, is highly susceptible to political pressure. If the president and Congress want a vaccine, the FDA will approve a vaccine — especially since big pharma wants to sell COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines are risk-free rewards for big pharma because the taxpayers assume all the risk.

Politicians, high-ranking bureaucrats, officers and directors of pharmaceutical companies, presstitutes, and their families should be the first to be vaccinated (and no saline-solution-shot substitutions). If they believe what they promote, they should gladly be first in line for an untried vaccine. After all, since the government guarantees that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, they should have nothing to fear.

If a person wants complete immunity from COVID-19 with no adverse side effects, all he needs to do is to join Antifa or Black Lives Matter (BLM). Then, he will have complete immunity from COVID-19 with the benefit of immunity from most laws. “Our” governors and mayors have told us so with their actions and occasionally with their words. Unlike what they have done with churches, schools, and businesses, no governor or mayor has restricted the size of Antifa or BLM crowds. Moreover, they have not imposed the requirements for social distancing or wearing a face-covering although most do cover their faces to conceal their identity. While taking a vaccination is risky, being a member of Antifa or BLM is safe and rewarding.

The number of cases of COVID-19 can be reduced significantly with a simple change in the testing procedures. If testers followed Dr. Fauci’s recommendations instead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations, fewer infections would be measured. The CDC’s recommendations magnify the sample so much that all sorts of irrelevant fragments that have nothing to do with COVID-19 are detected, and, thus, the person tested is identified as having COVID-19. Moreover, as Elon Musk has shown, the test is highly unreliable. He took four tests in one day. Two tests were positive, and two were negative. Even papaya has been tested positive for COVID-19. Also, the New York Times has reported that 90 percent of the people tested as having COVID-19 do not have the disease.

Furthermore, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths can be significantly reduced with one simple action: Stop paying hospitals bonuses for COVID-19 cases and deaths. Whenever a hospital reports a COVID-19 patient or death, the federal government pays it a bonus. This bonus encourages hospitals to report as many COVID-19 patients and deaths as they can — thus, they greatly inflate COVID-19 cases and deaths. On the other hand, if the federal government ceased paying hospitals bonuses for COVID-19 cases and deaths and started paying bonuses for ingrown toenail cases and deaths, COVID-19 cases and deaths would plummet, and ingrown toenail cases and deaths would soar. The federal government gets what it pays for. It wants COVID-19 cases and deaths, so it pays bonuses for them.

In obedience to their masters in government and big pharma, the presstitute media have terrorized by extravagantly overstating cases of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. Terror is being used to stampede fearful people into taking a COVID-19 vaccination. Many presstitutes and political and business leaders are discussing forcing everyone to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The only winners are the politicians and health department bureaucrats, who get to wield more power, and big pharma, which makes a large profit with zero risks (the taxpayers assume the risk). The losers are the people — especially the vaccinated, who receive what are essentially experimental vaccines.

Deaths by COVID-19 have been greatly exaggerated. According to the CDC, the total number of deaths in 2020 is about the same as in 2019. Even the number of deaths of older people after the invasion of COVID-19 is about the same as it was before COVID-19. Offsetting the thousands of COVID-19 deaths is a reduction in other causes of death. The reduction in other causes of death approximates the deaths by COVID-19. (In an article, “A closer look at US deaths due to COVID-19” in “The John Hopkins News-Letter,” Genevier Briand uses CDC data to show that COVID-19 deaths are offset by a decrease in other causes of death such that there is little or no net gain in deaths after COVID-19 as compared with deaths before COVID-19. John Hopkins has since censored and removed this article.) The CDC seems to agree with her conclusion. According to the CDC, COVID-19 has caused only about 16,000 deaths. Other diseases and accidents account for the remaining deaths attributed to COVID-19.

As shown above, the COVID-19 “pandemic” (plandemic) is a scam to enrich big pharma. More important, from their perspective, the pandemic has fed the uncontrollable insatiable lust for power that consumes politicians and governmental health bureaucrats as they usurp ever more unchecked power. Unfortunately, it has terrorized most people into enslaving themselves to these politicians and bureaucrats. Moreover, these terrorized people will gladly line up to be injected with a poison that they believe will save them from a virus that they believe is more deadly than the Ebola virus.

Copyright © 2020 by Thomas Allen.

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