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Southern History: Epilogue

Thomas Allen

    The foregoing history of the South should not be interpreted as blaming Yankees, Negroes, carpetbaggers, scalawags, or anyone else except Southerners for the demise of Southern civilization. Southerners have no one to blame for the death of their civilization and the destruction of their heritage but themselves. They have allowed these things to happen with almost no resistance.

    Their ancestors were willing to sacrifice everything that they had to protect the heritage, culture, way of life, economy, political institutions, society, and civilization of the South. In the end many did sacrificed everything that they had to protect them. Today far too many Southerners belittle and jeer this sacrifice by doing nothing to preserve and rebuild Southern civilization. Even worse too many Southerners have joined the enemies of the South to destroy the few remaining remnants of Southern civilization.

    When rule by military despotism followed defeat on the battlefield, did Southerners submissively endure oppression? When the abolitionists and Radical Republicans tried to use the Negro to destroy the South, did Southerners submissively accept genocide? The answer to both these questions is an emphatic no! They organized to resist military rule and to prevent those who sought to use the Negro in a genocidal war against the South from fulfilling their evil plan. Thus, the Klan was born. (Southern Whites are in the South today only because of the heroic deeds of organizations like the Klan during the early days of Reconstruction.) They also used the weapons ostracism and boycott against those who would destroy the South. Once the majority had regained their political rights, or at least enough of their political rights to make their political weight felt, the Klan was abandoned. They had a new and more powerful weapon to used: an established political process that was recognized and accepted by their enemies. Through the political process they were able to regain control of their States. When the critical moment came when their foes needed the South to keep themselves in power in Washington, a deal was cut. Southerners could govern their internal affairs as they saw fit. They were able to do so unmolested for forty years.

    Unfortunately, Southerners did not achieve economic independence. They did not drive away the quislings within. Too many Southerners let the quislings within convince them to imitate the North. To imitate the North required capital. It required capital that the South had lost during the War and Reconstruction. Thus, came the oppressive debt cycle. Too many Southerners who remained on the farm became virtual serfs of their creditors. Debt drove many, too many, from the farm to the factory. For the most part the factories to which Southerners fled were designed on the basis of Northern industrialism, i.e., production for mass markets, instead of being designed on the basis of Southern agrarianism, i.e., production on local markets. Again Southerners have no one to blame but themselves. They chose this path. They are the ones who wasted the resources of the South.

    Furthermore, Southerner looked to the North for too much of their cultural needs and too many of their goods. Part of this was the legacy of the antebellum South. In the antebellum South, most of the finer things of life were imported. (Not all of the antebellum South was desirable or virtuous.) A common compliant was, and often still is, that a Southern writer or artist could not be accepted or recognized in the South unless he came via New York. Southerners had, and continue to have, no one to blame but themselves for failing to provide for their cultural needs independent of the North.

    The Gentlemen’s Agreement that ended Reconstruction began to become unraveled with the end of World War I, and the Cold War against the South began. Northern writers, journalist, and politicians, among others, began  verbal assaults against the South and the Southern way of doing things. Sadly a number of Southerners joined in this assault. A few brave souls stood against this assault and counterattacked. For the most part, though, Southerners did nothing.

    Worse than nothing, Southerners throw away their political power during this era of the Cold War. Southerners blindly supported the Democratic Party. Even when the Democratic Party was captured by the foes of the South, too many Southern continued to support the Democratic Party. Southerners failed too use their political power to maintain control of the South. They did not use it to replace the leadership of the Democratic Party with persons favorable to the South. (Groups much smaller than the South have been able to capture both parties at various times and bend the parties to their will.) They did not use it to play the Democrats against the Republicans. (Groups much smaller than the South have been able to play successfully one party against the other in order to achieve their agenda.) They did not do what Northerners had done successfully nearly a century ago — that is form a new, essentially regional, political party. (The South made a feeble attempt to form a new political party in 1948 and 1968, but they effectively abandoned the new party soon after each attempt. Here is one time that the South should have imitated the North. The North formed the Republican Party in 1854. Instead of abandoning the party after a failed election, they continued to work for their party. As a result the Republican Party dominated national politics from 1861 to 1933.) Southerners have no one to blame for their lost of political power but themselves.

    With the lost of their political power came the Second Reconstruction. With the Second Reconstruction came a lost of self-government. The United States government would rule the South during the Second Reconstruction as it did during the First Reconstruction — only more stealthily and covertly. The adversaries of the South have used the Negro much more effectively this time around in their genocidal war to destroy the South and all that is Southern. All that remains is the mop up operation: the removal of Confederate monuments and the few remaining Confederate emblems and songs. Although Southerners initially meet federal tyranny with protest, it was weak, ineffective, and short-lived. As a result social conditions have been changed so that the Negro can now be effectively used to breed the Southerner out of existence. Again Southerners have no one to blame but themselves.

    When the Second Reconstruction first began and when the United States government invaded Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi, there was much bellicose bravado. Southerners claimed that they would cease employing, feeding, clothing, or otherwise assisting or aiding Negroes if they (Negroes) did not cease their disruptive action. These threats came to nothing. Neither Negroes ceased their disruptive activities nor Southerners ceased their intercourse with Negroes. Southerners claimed that if a showdown was forced on the South, Southerners would prove themselves stronger, smarter, richer, and more numerous than their enemies. The showdown came, and Southerners backed down with little more than a vociferous protest. However, by the late 1960s such defiant boasting ceased because the only thing that Southerners had done was to brag about what they were going to do without doing anything — or if they did act, their actions lasted only for a short time. The enemy had more resolve and patience than Southerners had. Because they failed to stand their ground and carry out their threats, Southerners have been in retreat ever since.

    What remains of the South, its culture, civilization, and history, must be destroyed if the New World Order is to succeed. If the New World Order’s Nimrodic dream of a world with one government, one race, one culture, and one religion is to succeed, the South must die. The South, the Old South, is the epitome of everything that the New World Order hates and despises and fears and dreads. If the South’s past can be degraded, disgraced, and repudiated, the South will perish: “for a people with no past have no future.” They are a people easily controlled: Because not knowing from where they came, they do not know where they are going. Every compromise made by Southerners in this war is a victory for the New World Order. Southerners still have the power to defeat their enemies. But do they have the will and resolve to use it?

    The South needs to abandon the cruel god of “progress.” The South needs to elevate her philosophical giants instead of ignoring them. The South needs to stop being the tail of a dying kite.

    Instead of presenting a united front against those seeking to destroy them, Southerners bicker among themselves over tactics and strategy. Instead of charging, they argue over who will lead the charge. Instead of attacking, they argue over what to attack. While Southerners waste their vanishing resources fighting among themselves, the reconstructionists are conquering and destroying the South. Tactics, strategy, and objectives are important, but there comes a time for disputation to end and action to begin. That time is long past!

    Southerners need not and should not look to government to save them from the genocidal war being waged against them. Government is the instrument through which the war is being waged. They need not look to the Democratic or Republican Parties to save them. These parties are part of the establishment and government. They are comrades in arms in the war to destroy the South. Southerners need to look to God and themselves if they are to end this genocidal war and save their nation.

    Southerners cannot save themselves until they recognize their enemies. Anyone who supports the New World Order, who supports the concentration and centralization of political or economic power, or who supports integration or miscegenation is an enemy of the South. Anyone who opposes States' rights, who opposes the decentralization and dispersal of political and economic power, or who opposes racial integrity is an enemy of the South.

    If the South dies and if the Southerner perishes, Southerners will have no one to blame but themselves. They will deserve extinction. With rare exception, they have offered no resistance to their demise. They are an embarrassment to their ancestors who pledge everything in 1861 in defense of the South and Southern civilization. They have surrendered much of their natural resources to aliens. Often they have even paid aliens to come and exploit them. Instead of perpetuating the best of the antebellum South, they have perpetuated the worse. Instead of generating the finer things of life and satisfying their cultural needs domestically, they import it. What is imported is far too often animus toward the South. Instead of ostracizing and boycotting the destroyers of the South, Southerners far too often support them. Southerners have lost their political power. It is questionable whether they will ever regain it. Southerners have wasted much of their meager resources in attacking the Negro while almost completely ignoring those who manipulate the Negro to destroy the South. If they would concentrate their resources against those who manipulate the Negro, they might well prevent the manipulators from achieving their goal of breeding the Southerner out of existence. It they were able to thwart the manipulators, the Negro problem would, most likely, fade. (This does not exonerate the Negro. He is guilty of having allowed himself to be manipulated.) Southerners continue to offer little or no resistance to the destruction of the South and their death. To illustrate how far the South has sunk, when was the last time a public figure in the South openly condemned the genocidal war being waged against the South? When was the last time a public figure in the South openly condemned miscegenation, the conditions that inevitably lead to miscegenation, or using Negroes to breed Southerners out of existence? If Southerners do not defend the South, no one else will. Why should they? The hour is late. Southern civilization is gasping its last breath. Southerners must act now!

    Where there is no vision the people perish – Proverbs 29:18a.
    I will say to the North, Give up, and to the South, Do not withhold – Isaiah 43:6a.
    But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate – Joel 2:20a.

Copyright © 1995 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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