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Views on Race

Views on Race
Thomas Allen

    People’s attitude toward the races of humans falls into one of three primary categories: racial nihilism, racial supremacy, and racial preservation. Many people seem to want to believe or hold two or three of these views simultaneously; thus, they have a garbled, confused view toward the treatment of the races. While in this state of confusion, such people end up supporting, knowingly or unknowingly, racial nihilism.
    Racial Nihilism. Racial nihilism ranges from races do not exist to they do exist but are irrelevant. Racial nihilists believe that races are not worth preserving, especially their own. They consider racial identities irrelevant or something to be eradicated. The most despicable racial nihilists look forward with great delight in the death of their race. Not only do they not object to the races amalgamating into motley mongrel man, most find such amalgamation desirable. Consequently, racial nihilists promote racial assimilation, racial intermixing; thus, they promote racial genocide and the end of racial identity. Of the three views, it is the most incomparable with Biblical teachings and principles. Racial nihilism is the predominant view in Europe and the United States, especially among Whites, regardless of their political or religious persuasion. Most self-hating Whites are racial nihilists; however, some self-hating Whites are racial supremacists for non-White races.
    A subset of racial nihilism is racial Marxism. Racial Marxism denies the existence of biological races. Genetics does not determine races; therefor, races are not biological. Thus, race is an artificial social construct; races are classes of mankind and are not biological populations. According to racial Marxism, only two races, classes, exist: the White (the oppressor class) and the non-White (the oppressed class). Racist Marxism contends that the “White” race did not exist until Europeans began conquering and colonizing the Americas. Then Europeans, Whites, established themselves as a class to dominate non-Europeans, non-Whites. Consequently, racial Marxism is not about science, but about racial politics.
    Racial Supremacy. Racial supremacists believe that one race, usually their own, should dominate and rule the other races. The most extreme supremacists hold that all but one race should be exterminated. The stereotypical Klansman is an example of a racial supremacist. European imperialists were also racial supremacists: racial supremacy is racial imperialism. Moreover, racial supremacists promote racial segregation, and many hate racial differences. Most non-Whites are racial supremacists. An exception appears to be many self-appoint, self-anointed Black leaders, who act like racial nihilists. Racial supremacy is a poor intermediary between racial nihilism, with which it is closely related, and racial preservation, with which it is alienated. Racial supremacy is the second most popular view of the races among Whites and is the most popular view among the non-White races.
    Racial Preservation. Racial preservation seeks to preserve and protect all human races. All races are worth protecting and preserving. Thus, racial preservationists love and value racial differences and consider them worthy of conservation: Racial differences are important, and their preservation is desirable. Racial preservationists believe that no race should rule or govern another race. (Thus, they follow the Biblical instruction that a nation is not to “set a stranger [nokri, i.e., a person of a different race] over thee, which is not thy brother” [Deuteronomy 17:15]. “Nation” means a people who have a common origin, i.e., of the same race, language, culture, and traditions, and are capable of forming or constituting a nation-state.) Of the three views, it is the most comparable with Biblical teachings and principles. The only way to protect and preserve the races is geographical separation. Consequently, racial separationists promote the geographical separation of the races. Therefore, each race should have its own monoracial countries with their own independent governments. Unlike racial nihilists, racial separationists promote the preservation of true racial diversity. Of the three views on race, racial preservation is the least popular.
    Thus, racial nihilism and racial supremacy are negative. Hate guides them; therefore, they are highly destructive. Racial preservation is positive. Love guides it; therefore, it is highly constructive.
    Where racial nihilism and racial supremacy destroy races, racial preservation conserves the races. Americans and Europeans have to choose. If they hate their race and believe that it should be annihilated, then all they need to do is to continue to follow racial nihilism. If they love their race and believe that it should be saved, then they need to change direction and become racial preservationists.
    For a more detailed discussion of racial nihilism and racial preservation, see The Racial Compact at

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