Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Libertarians and Immigration

Libertarians and Immigration
Thomas Allen

    Most libertarians have an unlibertarian view of immigration if they value property rights. Like liberals and neo-conservatives, most libertarians favor open borders and unlimited, unrestricted immigration.
    On the other hand, libertarians are staunch advocates of property rights. No one should go on another’s property without the owner’s consent. To enter without approval is an act of trespass.
    The libertarian position on open borders conflicts with their position on trespass and property. As every piece of land in the United States is owned by some person, no one can enter without the consent of the owner. To do otherwise is an act of trespassing. Whenever an individual enters illegally, he is trespassing.
    If a libertarian does not believe that such an act is trespassing, he should “practice what he preaches.” He should allow anyone who wants to enter his house to enter at anytime. If someone wants to move in with him, he should allow that too. If he does not, he is a hypocrite.
    Moreover, many types of property are collectively owned and can only be collectively owned. Culture, race, ethnicity, and nation (as opposed to country) are among such properties.
    (Likewise, liberals, neo-conservatives, and all others proponents of open borders need to open their own houses to all comers. Moreover, they need to provide these roomers with free meals, free clothes, free entertainment, etc.  Unlike libertarians, liberals place little value on property rights unless the trespass is against their own property. However, in spite of their worship of collectivism, liberals and neo-conservatives place little value on naturally collectively owned property like culture and race.)
    The American Indian failed to control immigration. As a result, many tribes have vanished along with their cultures. Because the Neanderthals failed to stop the immigration of other races, they perished. The Romans failed to control immigration, and their culture vanished. Not only did the Romans not control immigration, they, like the United States, encouraged it. (Unlike the United States, at least the immigrants who overran Rome were racial kindred.) Many more examples can be given to show that uncontrolled, unrestricted immigration results in the death of culture, race, ethnicity, and nationality.
    If libertarians want to be consistent, they need to abandon their position either on immigration or on property rights.

Copyright © 2016 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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