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Thomas Allen

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The Illuminists have used ecumenical movement as one of its tools to take over the Church. (The true Church of Christ is the greatest spiritual and temporal enemy and threat of the Illuminists.) The ecumenical movement seeks to unify all Protestant churches and ultimately all Christians. To accomplish this goal, it encourages an undenominational church. It disregards all forms of Church polity and does not care about the Church being an August body of saints. It emphasizes common religious teachings and beliefs.

The ecumenical movement was formalized in England in 1846 in the Evangelical Alliance and in the United States in 1867. Later in 1908, the Federal Council of Church of Christ, which later became the National Council of Churches of Christ, was organized as the leading proponent of the ecumenical movement in the United States. The World Council of Churches, which consists of more than 200 Protestant, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Old Catholic bodies, has become the principal instrument of ecumenicity.

Thus, Christian religion was attacked overtly and covertly. The covert attack against religion primarily took the form of ecumenicalism. All religious differences were ignored. Everything, except orthodoxy, was tolerated. Defenders of orthodoxy were ridiculed. Defenders of Biblical Christianity were slandered. Biblical revelation was meaningless; religious truths were derived from nature, not from revelation. The Bible was reduced to meaninglessness by subverting it to mean whatever one wanted it to mean. Religious unity must be achieved at all cost.

The covert attack took the form of stressing scepticism, materialism, naturalism, Pantheism, and homosexualism. Pornography was also another important overt weapon against Christianity. Anything that would lead to a moral breakdown was used.

World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches
One important actor in supplanting the religion of Jesus with the religion of Lucifer is the World Council of Churches. The World Council of Churches was founded in 1948; its founding began the modern ecumenical era. Most mainline Protestant denominations in the United States are members of the World Council of Churches. Heavily influenced by Freemasonry, it is interconnected with the World Constitutional Parliament Association and is a co-conspirator in bring about Lucifer’s New World Order. Its funding comes in part from the Rockefeller Foundation. Its goal is to unite Christianity to make bringing it into the New World Order easier. Christians should embrace Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other religions as equal in value to Christianity—interfaithism. With Vatican II, the Catholic Church joined the ecumenical movement and interfaithism. Ecumenism seeks to unify the Christian churches. Interfaithism seeks to unify all the religions of the world. As Communists and communist agents and sympathizers run the World Council of Churches, it is also a strong supporter of Communism. It has financed terrorists in Africa, who have slaughtered not only Blacks, but also Christian missionaries.

Closely allied with the World Council of Churches is the National Council of Churches. The purpose of the National Council of Churches is to promote Illuminism, especially Communism, among the churches in the United States. It also lobbies political leaders on behalf of communist causes. To advance Illuminism, one of its goals is to destroy the family. To achieve this goal, it has promoted feminism to destroy fatherhood and sex education to destroy the moral authority of the family. Members of the National Council of Churches have also promoted Black Nationalism and the Negro Revolution in the United States and have financially supported these movements. Like the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches strives to stripe the Bible of its authority—man should decide right and wrong based on the situation, i.e., moral absolutes do not exist.

In 1950, the Federal Council of Churches reorganized and merged with seven other interdenominational organizations to form the National Council of Churches. Of the 358 clergy who were voting delegates to the constituting convention of the National Council of Churches, 123 were associated with Communist projects and enterprises.[1]

[Editor’s note: The appendix in the original exposing Billy Graham is omitted.]

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