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Office of Strategic Services and Central Intelligence Agency
Thomas Allen

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To collect and analyze intelligence for Illuminists and to organize and execute covert operations for Illuminists, Roosevelt created in 1942 the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and appointed William J. Donovan as its head.

In 1915, the Rockefeller Foundation had sent Donovan to Europe on a war relief mission. J. P. Morgan, Jr. sent him to Europe in 1920 to obtain intelligence related to the issuance of bonds that Morgan’s Foreign Commercial Corp. was planning to float. During Hitler’s rise to power, Donovan had established a network of informants in the German government. Roosevelt selected Donovan to head the OSS because for two decades he had been carrying “out secret missions for the Morgans, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds.”[1] Before setting up the OSS, Roosevelt sent Donovan to the Tavistock Institute in London where British intelligence indoctrinated him. (To this day the Central Intelligence Agency uses the techniques of mind control taught at the Tavistock Institute.)[2]

British intelligence organized the OSS. Thus, the OSS was merely a front for British intelligence. Four members of the British Chief of Staff set up the OSS. They were Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was related to the King of England and the banking families of Rothschild and Cassel; Charles Hambro, director of Special Operations Executive and director of Hambros bank; Colonel Stewart Menzies, head of the British Secret Intelligence Service; and William Stephenson, head of the Special Intelligence Section (SIS).

With aid from the Rockefellers, Stephenson and the SIS operated the British espionage network in the United States. Stephenson’s task was to provoke war between the United States and Germany. Donovan provided special passports for Stephenson’s agents and otherwise assisted him.[3]

Many people that Donovan employed in the OSS were Communists, many of whom were veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He knew that they were Communists and employed them because they were Communists.

In 1943, Donovan went to Moscow to establish a permanent alliance between the OSS and the NKVD. Assisting Donovan in this endeavor was W. Averell Harriman. The alliance was to allow the NKVD to have offices in various American cities and to exchange officers with the OSS. Fearing bad publicity in his upcoming election, Roosevelt withdrew his support for the alliance.

Truman abolished the OSS in 1945. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established in 1948 and assumed the intelligence work of the OSS. Allen Dulles of J. Schroder Banking Corp., William H. Jackson, a Wall Street lawyer, and Mathias F. Correa, a Wall Street lawyer supervised the organization of the CIA. Dulles became the first director of the CIA. The law establishing the CIA gave it immunity for all civil and criminal laws.

One of the first tasks of the CIA was to scare Americans and Europeans with propaganda about the might of the Soviet Union. (As it turned out, the Soviet Union’s threat was a chimera.) In Europe, the objective of this propaganda was to scare Europeans away from neutrality. In America, it was used to fund the military-industrial complex, most of which Illuminists owned, and to scare the American people to surrender liberty for security by allowing nearly unchecked growth in the U.S. government, which the Illuminists controlled. To carry out this program, the CIA funded media organizations and hired journalists, editors, and others connected with the news media. Many major news outlets became willing co-conspirators with the CIA—after all, the Illuminists controlled them—to dispense its propaganda and disinformation.

One of the most influential magazines on the right was National Review founded by (former?) CIA agent William Buckley. Also involved in the founding of National Review was James Burnham and Wilmoore Kendall, both of whom were CIA agents. William Casey, who was involved with the OSS and who later became director of the CIA, drew up the legal documents for the magazine.

The CIA continued Donovan’s policy of hiring Communists. Soviet KGB defectors have claimed that the CIA has Soviet spies within it. Members of Skull and Bones have essentially controlled the CIA from its founding. Since its establishment, the CIA has never undergone an outside investigation. One was attempted in the 1950s, but Vice-President Nixon squashed it.

The CIA collects and analyzes intelligence not only for the United States government, but also for Establishment Insiders. With bribes and coercion, it influences foreign elections for the advancement of the New World Order. As Truman remarked, it even makes its own wars.

Some of the people who have studied the assassination of President John Kennedy are convinced that the CIA was behind it. Kennedy may have been assassinated because he was planning to withdraw from the Vietnam War, which the Illuminists wanted escalated. He also wanted to reduce the U.S. government’s reliance on and the importance of the Federal Reserve System by having the U.S. government issuing notes directly instead of indirectly through the Federal Reserve System—an action apparently disapproved by the bankers. Another action taken by Kennedy that led to his assassination was that he fired Dulles and wanted to weaken the power of the CIA. Additionally. He opposed Israel’s development of nuclear weapons. Among the people believed to have been involved in the assassination were James Angleton (the CIA’s liaison with the Israeli Mossad), George H. Bush, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, and Nelson Rockefeller.[4]

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