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Gaining Control

Gaining Control
Thomas Allen

[Editor’s note: Footnotes in original are omitted.]

The replacement of Christian doctrines with Lucifer’s illuministic doctrine greatly intensified after World War II. Illuminists place great emphasis on infiltrating and gaining control of the Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church. Among those working within the Catholic Church to sabotage its traditional beliefs and replace them with Illuminism was Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Father Baum (a Jew who “converted” to Catholicism), and many other Catholic priest who believed and preferred the teachings of Marx and Freud to those Jesus and the Bible. Taking the lead in promoting Liberation Theology and Marxism have been the Jesuits.

Another important illuministic leader in the religious realm has been Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. Liberal Protestant churches have adopted many of his teachings as they seek to replace the Christ-centered teachings of the Bible with humanistic ego-centered psychology and philosophy. His doctrines are also highly influential among New Age religions. The teachings of Jung, Teilhard de Chardin, and other occult scholars give the New Age religions an air of being scientific, and, thus, they draw the highly educated into the occult.

Two Americans who were important in destroying Christianity in the United States were Water Rauschenbusch and Harry F. Ward. They were socialists and Marxists. They sought to use religion to establish socialism. They preached a “social gospel” and promised a “kingdom of God on Earth” through socialism. Rauschenbusch provided the theology of the collective social gospel, and Ward organized the movement for the social gospel to replace true Christianity.

Freemasons are encouraged to be active in Christian churches so that they can gain control of them. Then they can turn the churches from the teachings of Jesus to the teachings of Lucifer as express through Freemasonry. Thus, they can corrupt them with “modernism” and “liberalism.” Consequently, most churches and denomination have abandon opposition to miscegenation, homosexualism, divorce, abortion, and euthanasia. Illuminists have infiltrated and gained control of most mainline churches and divinity schools and seminaries. As a result, most mainline churches have abandoned teaching the Bible. They have substituted a form of secular humanism, materialism, and other non-biblical theology. They replace the spiritual truths established by facts and revealed in the Bible with spiritual “truths” based on personal experiences and feelings. They have strip Christ of his divine nature and present him, his apostles, and the early church as Communists or socialists. They have replaced the spiritual with the material. Salvation does not come from the grace of God; it comes from Illuminism. They are leaving their members spiritually starved. Many of the spiritually starved end up seeking spiritual satisfaction in some New Age religious movement.

The Christian churches that are not under the control of Illuminists are the main threat to the Illuminists in achieving their New World Order. These Bible-believing Christians must be neutralized. Many of these Christians are being seduced into sacrificing some of their beliefs in the name of world peace and unity. As a result, false doctrines and occult practices have entered their churches. The seduction includes false prophets and false miracles.

Illuminism has advanced its war against Christianity by capturing the United States Supreme Court. During the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Freemasonry gained a majority of the Supreme Court justices. This majority, it maintained into the Nixon presidency. Thus, between 1941 and 1971, Freemasonry controlled the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court adopted the Masonic view of the law: “Law is largely in the interpretation and not in the text. . . .”[1] It followed Franklin Roosevelt instruction for an “enlightened” interpretation of the Constitution. Consequently, “the Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means,” as Chief Justice Evan Hughes remarked.

Freemasonry used its control of the Supreme Court to remove all vestiges of Christianity from public schools and to convert public schools into temples of Freemasonry religions — secular humanism, occultism, Theosophy, Cabalism, Gnosticism (Freemasonry’s favorite religion), and all other forms of Pantheism promoted by Freemasonry — any religion but Christianity, which Freemasonry hates with as much passion as Lucifer hates Jesus.

It also forced integration of schools and most public and private associations. The primary objective of integration is to destroy the Aryan race by facilitating miscegenation.

Lucifer is using the New Age religious movement to bring about his New World Order. Although most occult initiates are probably ignorant of Lucifer’s control of their religion and his worship by their leaders, many New Age leaders are knowingly collaborating with Lucifer to bring about his New World Order. Probably most of New Agers are unaware that they are involved in the occult. They unknowingly come involved with the occult through their obsession with world peace, holistic health, the environment, yoga, or occult forms of mediation.

In the twentieth century, liberalism was the political program that the Illuminists used to control and destroy the free market, free enterprise economies of the world. The Illuminists have always considered the free market, free enterprise economy as its enemy. They have worked to replace the free market, free enterprise economies with some form of socialism. Their New World Order can only be achieved through a controlled economy.

When Franklin Roosevelt, who was a high degree Illuminist and a 32nd degree Freemason, became President, he believed that the goals of the Illuminists would be achieved during his lifetime. So confident was he in the success of the grand conspiracy that he ordered the insignia of the Masonic Illuminati to be printed on the back of the new American dollar bill. This action informed Illuminists that the Illuminists had absolute control of American finance and politics— control that has been retained to this day.

The Jesuits, the illuminist arm in the Catholic Church, bragged that the world would receive a sign when the ecumenical movement had overcome its worldwide opposition. When Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States, he gave the sign. The sign was that the President of the United States would face the Washington Monument, a symbolic occult obelisk, while being sworn into office.[2] Reagan was the first President to be sown in while facing the Washington Monument.

Further proof that the Illuminists have nearly completed establishing Lucifer’s New World Order is found in a map adopted in 1952 by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government showing the armed forces of one country policing other countries when world government is achieved. This map shows U.S. troops in Yugoslavia, Greece, and Albania, which Clinton achieved in the 1990s; in Australia, where they are, and in Kazak Soviet Socialist Republic (now Kazakhstan), which Clinton achieved in 1997. It showed Russian troops from Oklahoma southward and eastward; in 1995 Russian soldiers were at Fort Riley, Kansas. In 1997, troops from former Soviet block countries were at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Furthermore, Russian police were active in the South during the 1990s—even assisting in arresting Americans. German troops were also stationed in the United States. After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, larger numbers of U.S. troops have been moved to the Middle East, and troops from Europe have been stationed in the United States.

Illuminists have achieved great success in the United States and have gained almost complete control of the United States government. Proof of such control is the great difficulty in naming a single act of foreign policy in the last 50 years that truly benefitted the American people as a whole.

Illuminists who control the United States government use the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other agencies to terrorize the American people. These federal agencies are being used to terrorize Americans into capitulating to the New World Order. The FBI concentrates on fighting Americans who oppose the New World Order rather than fighting Communism, domestic terrorism, and real criminals. Like the IRS and other federal agencies, the FBI has become a terrorist agency. The primary purpose of the IRS is not to collect taxes. Its primary purpose is to terrorize and impoverish the American people by forcibly extorting money from them. Part of the CIA’s job was to make the Soviet Union appear much more powerful than it really was. If anyone claimed that the CIA’s estimates were high, the CIA would bully him into silence. The United States needed a powerful enemy to help the United States government’s control of the American people, which may explain the build up of China after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Illuminists have opened the borders of the United States to Third World immigrants. Some of these millions of immigrants pouring into the United States are trained terrorists, who operate under the orders of the Illuminists. Many are hardened criminals. These immigrants are intended to neutralize opposition to Illuminism. Criminals subdue the population as the people divert their resources to defend themselves from professional criminals. Thus, they are distracted from defending themselves from the biggest criminals of all—Lucifer’s Illuminists. Furthermore, the mass of immigrants who are neither terrorists nor criminals dilute the country with people who have no ties with America’s history or traditions of personal freedom and limited government.

As Illuminism has risen so has persecution of Christians and the degradation of Christianity. Blasphemy passes for art. Hollywood produces ever more movies that belittle and attack Christians and Christianity. Soldiers sent to the Middle East to defend the interest of the United States, i.e., the interest of the Illuminists, are denied Bibles. The police attack Christian protesters, especially pro-life advocates, much more brutally than other classes of protesters. Zoning laws are used to harass Christians and their churches. Christians are habitually denied their inalienable rights. Anti-Christian bigotry is pervasive in the illuministic mainstream media. The Illuminists have achieved their goal of converting the United States from a Christian country to a secular one.

Only about 500 high-degree Illuminists, some of whom direct the large tax-free foundations, are in the United States. Below them are about 10,000 lesser Illuminists, who are primarily politicians, businessmen, media leaders, academicians, and religious leaders.

One reason little fundamental change occurs when the administration in Washington changes from a liberal Democrat to a “conservative” Republican is that Illuminists control both parties. A Democratic president surrounds himself with the Democratic members of the Council on Foreign Relations. A Republican president surrounds himself with Republican members. Furthermore, the conservative think tanks, such as the Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, and American Enterprise Institute, are financed by the same people who finance the liberal think tanks. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Brookings foundations finance both the conservative and liberal think tanks.

To achieve and direct the wars and revolutions, Illuminists have to place their agents, stooges, sympathizers, fellow-travelers, and dupes in key positions in government, news media, business, religion, and academia.

When the Illuminists believe that their power base has become strong enough to begin the extermination in the United States of any possible resistance to their Nimrodic dream of world domination, Plan Naamah will be implemented.[3] America will then suffer a reign of terror that the French, Russian, and Spanish suffered during their revolutions. Tens of millions of Americans will die.

The twentieth century was the century of world wars, revolutions, and Communism and fascism. Today Illuminists work to establish globalism. (Anyone who proudly labels himself as a globalist is either an Illuminist or an agent, stooge, sympathizer, fellow-traveler, or dupe of the Illuminists.) Communist China and North Korea are the models of their New World Order.

With the collapse of Soviet Communism, the Cold War ended. As a result countries are being merged into regional groupings, such as the European Union and the North American free trade area, which is being expanded to cover the entire Western Hemisphere. Eventually these regions will be synthesized into a one world state ruled by the Illuminists.

To achieve their Luciferian goals, Illuminists have organized, financed, directed, and controlled Communism, National Socialism (Nazism), Zionism, and other similar movements. Through these movements, Illuminists have fomented wars, world wars, and revolutions while the Illuminists retreat to safety zones. Wars and financial, environmental, and other global catastrophes that Illuminists can cause or exasperate are to continue until mankind becomes physically, psychologically, and economically exhausted and beg, or at least accept, the New World Order with its Satanic one world government and its Luciferian New Age religion as their only hope. The Illuminists will then come forward and offer, or usurp, themselves as the enlightened despotic rulers.

By the end of the twentieth century, the Illuminists had largely achieved their goals of destroying Christianity, overturning governments hostile to their goals, and establishing a one world government with Illuminists as dictators. They had pounded the Aryan race so hard that Aryans were failing to reproduce themselves and were on their way to extinction.

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Copyright © 2010 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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