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Thomas Allen

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Illuminists have used their money to gain control of education. They have used their control to further their interest and to foster Illuminism. They are well aware of Lenin’s dictum: “Give us the child for eight years, and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”[1]

Through large endowments, J.P. Morgan and other wealthy Illuminists gained control of policies of the Ivy League universities. Morgan and his associates dominated policy making at Harvard, Columbia, and, to a lesser extend, Yale. The Whitneys were significantly influential at Yale. Edward D. Duffield of Prudential Insurance Co. dominated Princeton. These wealthy men often decided who would be president of these universities. The Illuminists, primarily with Rockefeller money, have also gained control of most of the schools that train teachers. With their money, they also control the major seminaries—thus, they control the training of most ministers.

Carnegie and Rockefeller money has been used to gain control of American schools, both at the university level and at the secondary and primary grade level. Carnegie and Rockefeller money has funded curricula and textbooks whose purpose has been to indoctrinate students in Illuminism and to train them to support Illuminism.

Textbooks have been revised and rewritten to present the subject matter from a Marxist or other illuministic perspective. They promote globalism; “good” has become equated with globalism. Such revisions frequently require the omission of valuable and important facts. They often misstate facts and even outright lie. Even dictionaries have been rewritten to define certain words in ways to incorporate illuministic bias.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corp. financed John Dewey’s socialist philosophy. Dewey was the father of “progressive education,” which became the dominant educational philosophy in the United States. As an atheist and coauthor of the Humanist Manifesto, he preached against immutable truths and permanent moral absolutes. Pragmatism and relativism were his guiding philosophy. He believed that man had no soul or freewill. Man was merely an animal molded by his environment. As man’s environment constantly changed, so man constantly changed. Therefore, to teach absolute morals and truths was a waste of time.

He sought to turn the school house into a temple of the religion of secular humanism. To Dewey, individual judgment was socialism’s greatest enemy, so he worked to replace proven educational programs with programs designed to make a more controllable society. The primary goal of education was to destroy a child’s individualistic traits. The ability of a pupil to become one with the group became the primary measure of a pupil’s educational progress. Students were to be trained to live and work collectively. Thus, pupils were discouraged from trying to advance faster than the lowest member of the group. As grading promoted competition, it was to be abandoned. Promotion was to be automatic.

The purpose of schools was not to develop the student’s talents. It was to prepare the student to integrate into an organic society, the global community. Thus, the student’s “cosmic soul” was to become one with the human race.

Dewey taught David and Nelson Rockefeller. He also organized the educational system of the Soviet Union.

With money from the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corp., Illuminists have financed and controlled the National Education Association (NEA). “By 1934 the NEA adopted John Dewey’s philosophy of humanism, socialism, and globalism, and incorporated it into the classroom.”[2]

To consolidate complete control over public education in the United States, Nelson Rockefeller created and ran the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare during the Eisenhower administration. (The educational functions of this department were later moved into a new department, the Department of Education during the Carter administration.) Thus, Eisenhower accomplished what Truman had failed to do. (Truman had tried several times to get Congress to create the Department of Health, Education, Welfare, but Republicans and conservative Democrats prevented its creations. Eisenhower got most of the Republicans to join the liberal Democrats in establishing this department.) Through federal grants, the United States government, which the Illuminists thoroughly control, has gained complete control of the public schools.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is another important tool of the Illuminists in directing education (schooling) not only in the United States, but throughout the world for the benefit of the Illuminists. The objective of UNESCO is to train children to be citizens of the world. To achieve this goal, their love of their country, institution, and own people along with patriotism must be destroyed. Thus, children are to be conditioned to transfer their loyalty from their country to a one-world socialistic government under the United Nations, which the Illuminists will control. UNESCO has also promoted keeping children separated from parents as much as possible. The minds of children must be purged of any national or family loyalties (and if their parents are Christians or even nominal Christians, of any Christian thoughts) before they can be molded into non-thinking citizens of the world. (Christianity, nationalism, and family loyalty are antagonists of globalism and Illuminism.) Accordingly, governments establish preschool programs like kindergarten and Head Start. Governments promote working mothers and warehousing children in daycare centers. As part of its program to destroy nationalism, UNESCO also promotes teaching children enmity toward their domestic institution unless these institutions are already compatible with Illuminism. (Thus, to make the merger of the United States into this one-world government easier, their Constitution and relatively free market economy must be destroyed. The destruction of these institutions has been a major goal of government schools.) History is to be taught from a global perspective instead of a national perspective. Consequently, UNESCO also promotes keeping children ignorant of national history and domestic institutions of their own countries and other countries and of the horrors of Communism and failures of socialism— ignorant people are easier to control. The achievements and greatness of Christianity, Western Civilization, and the Aryan race are to be disparaged if not denounced. UNESCO promotes turning schools into doctrinarian centers for Illuminism (globalism, socialism, New Age religion, one-world government). To destroy further traditional morality, loyalties, and family, UNESCO promotes abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, and miscegenation. The essence of UNESCO’s program is Dewey’s progressive educational theory.

Public (government) schools have become temples of the New Age religions where children are proselytized. Children are taught secular humanism, worship of Gaia, witchcraft, Theosophy, and other New Age pantheistic religions. The purpose of public schools is to proselytize for New Age religions, the “religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being.”[3] Belief in the God of the Christians is mental illness. Public schools are to replace “the rotting corpse of Christianity together with all its adjacent evils and misery”[4] with the new faith, which is really the old Luciferian religion of man as god. They are to take children away from their parents and heal them by purging their psyches of all taints of Christianity. (Consequently, public schooling is moving to an ever younger age with the objective of having every child two years of age and older under the control of government, which the Illuminists control.) School children are being prepared for the religion of the New World Order.

Illuminists have gained control of public schools and have turned them into agents for social change—thus, fulfilling the longtime goal of Freemasonry of capturing public education and using it to promote the anti-Christ religion and socialistic politics of Freemasonry. (All that now remains to bring education completely under the control of the Illuminists is eliminating Christian and Catholic schools and outlawing home schooling.) They are using their control to prepare students for the illuministic New World Order. School children are being prepared for a world of moral relativism without Christianity. They are being taught to accept supranational regional governance and then a world government. They are being taught to hate the Aryan race and to glorify all other races. They are being taught that homosexual sex and miscegenation are not only normal, but are superior sexual relations. With easy access to abortion, they are being taught to devalue life. Euthanasia is also promoted. A school curriculum promoting pantheistic religion and world government has replaced traditional Western curricula, which promoted Christianity, nationalism, and ethics. A primary function of public schools is to turn children into good “global citizens.” Teachers are to concentrate on the social orientation of students instead of educating them. Children should be unable to read and especially unable to think or analyze. GOALS 2000 and the “no child left behind” program are part of the New World Order’s educational program.

The Illuminists have implemented the educational program that Woodrow Wilson outlined in 1909. Wilson described the illuministic educational program as follows:
. . . We want to do two things in modern society. We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks. You cannot train them for both in the time the you have at your disposal. They must make a selection, and you must make a selection.[5]
True to its fascist principles, the illuministic state strips parents of authority over their children, yet it holds parents responsible for their children. Illuminist controlled government usurps parental authority, yet it holds parents accountable.

Secular humanism has replaced Christianity as the state religion. It is the religion upon which state institutions and laws are built. Man is worshiped instead of God.

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[Editor’s note: References in original are omitted.]

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