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Illuminism Religiously

Illuminism Religiously
Thomas Allen

Illuminism is the material manifestation of Lucifer’s war against Christ Jesus and the God of the Christians. Being of Lucifer, Illuminism is extremely anti-Christian. Christ and the commandments of God are seen as preventing man from achieving his fullest potential. God hinders man’s progress and perfection; He is the great oppressor. Man can obtain salvation without Jesus. The only thing standing between man and utopia (Nirvana) is Christianity.

The essence of Illuminism is achieving salvation through knowledge. According to Still, “[I]lluminism is not just the knowledge gained from reading books, or receiving oral instruction, or even the secretive knowledge gained from initiation. Illuminism also involves a vivid flash of insight or understanding, regardless of what means are used to attain it.”[1] Still continues:
There are many ways to achieve illumination. The method most important to Illuminism is the mystical inspiration invoked by the performance of occult rituals. Illumination can be achieved by dancing to exhaustion to the rhythm of native drums. It can be brought on by sexual rituals, such as those practiced in Tantric Yoga. To the Satanists, it can be brought on by ritualistic sacrifice. Throughout history, mind-altering substances such as marijuana, hashish, peyote cactus, and LSD have been used to achieve paranormal mystical experience. In fact, the Greek word for sorcery is pharmakia from whence came the word pharmaceuticals.[2]
Illuminism’s theology is revealed today in Freemasonry, Liberal Protestantism, Catholic Modernism, Judaism, the Eastern religions, and the New Age sects. All these theologies are essentially Pantheism. Naturalism is the most common expression of Pantheism in the West.

Pantheism materializes God and makes God and the Universe one. God is merely the total of all that exists. The Universe is a great inclusive unity that devours God in that unity. Thus, the Universe becomes God, and nothing separate or distinct exists from this Universe God. The Universe becomes the sole reality. It deifies unregenerated man.

Pantheism rejects God’s personality. God is reduced to the forces and laws of nature. God is an energy, the life force or god-force, that flows through all living things — thus, man becomes God or, at least, part of God. It also rejects revelation. Religious truths come from nature, not from Divine revelation. A personal God does not exist in Pantheism. Furthermore, no person ever really dies. (Reincarnation is an integral part of the doctrines of many New Age sects.) Therefore, no one will ever face God’s personal judgment. Thus, Pantheism promises man that he is not accountable to a personal God.[3]

Because this god-force flowing through all mankind unifies man into one, Pantheism naturally leads to global unity under a one-world government and one-world religion. Such a unity will lead to a New World Order where all men will be enlightened with Illuminism. Then all mankind will have mystical powers to do what had previously been impossible.

Pantheism subordinates the individual to the collective. When an individual becomes merely a component of the masses, he ceases to be “an individual rational being, distinct and complete as to his nature and thereby in possession of inalienable rights. . . . [He loses] his dignity and integrity, lacks true individuality, and becomes an unfree, helpless mode of something else.”[4] He becomes disposable and has only what the illuministic priesthood condescends to grant him. To a Pantheist, humans are no more valuable than animals or plants.[5]

It subverts God-centered religion into man-centered religion (and ultimately into Lucifer-centered religion for Lucifer deceives man into believing that he, Lucifer, is the revealer of the secret knowledge of the Universe, which Pantheism identifies with God). Man as a collective, i.e., humanity as a whole, becomes God, and the Illuminists become the priesthood.

In the modern Western World, Pantheism manifests itself most commonly as secular humanism. Kirban defines humanism as “a system of thought or action that holds that man is capable of self-fulfillment, peace on earth, and right ethical conduct without recourse to God. Humanism therefore is the religion which defies man and dethrones God.”[6] Secular humanism has five basic doctrines: the irrelevance of Deity, the supremacy of “human reason,” the inevitability of progress, science as the guide to progress, and self-sufficiency of man.[7] Naturally, it rejects salvation through Christ Jesus, a final judgment by God, and the existence of heaven and hell. Secular humanists worship the creature, mankind (humankind for the politically correct), instead of the Creator.

Thus, man, being innately good, does not need salvation. Science will provide for the needs of man including molding man into a more uniform, and therefore, easier to manage, being. Government becomes the guardian angel that will guide man ever onward and upward — hence, totalitarianism. Through human reason, man can solve all his problems and progress and advance independently of any transcendent god; consequently, God is irrelevant, if not an obstacle. The principal Mystery cults, Pantheism, Gnosticism, and Hermetism mixed together form secular humanism.[8]

Secular humanism is built upon hatred. The old Soviet Union epitomized a secular humanist society. The government of the Soviet Union administered the world’s most humanistic state. Yet it murdered more than 66 million of its own citizens. Abortion, genetic engineering, cloning, and euthanasia have grown out of secular humanism.

Like Communism, secular humanism rejects the supernatural and divine revaluation. Both promote world government. Both want to control the schools and universities and to destroy Christianity. Public schools have become the churches of the secular humanists, which is why they hate anything Christian appearing in public schools.

The ultimate goal of secular humanism is to demoralize its adherers and fill them with existential despair. When confronted with life’s spiritual realities, the honest secular humanists lose their belief in the divinity of man. Pride often prevents them from turning to the true God, the God of the Christians, whom they have spent a lifetime denouncing or ignoring. So, most turn to mysticism, some non-rational philosophy, or simply go mad with despair.[9]

The other important branch of Pantheism today is occultism. While secular humanism takes materialism to the extreme, occultism often takes spiritualism to the extreme. Occultists are the spiritual followers of Lucifer. Most believe that Lucifer is the coequal of the God of the Christians and that he is superior to God’s Christ in that if he does not eventually defeat Christ, Christ will never defeat him. Occultists see the God of the Christians as the power of evil and Lucifer as the true God and the power of good — which is what the Jewish Cabala teaches.[10] By revealing secret knowledge to man, Lucifer becomes man’s savior. Nevertheless, most occultists reject a personal devil and the idea of hell: Eternal punishment cannot exist because no personal God who passes final judgment on individuals exists. Freeing man from a personal external God (the God of the Christians) Who demands obedience to His laws and Who will judge every person according to His Son Jesus, is the objective of all New Age religions. The goal of New Age religions, like the old Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, “is not to know God, but to be God.”[11] Thus, occultists seek salvation independent of God’s rule and authority.

Occultists seek power through hidden knowledge, which will lead to salvation. They practice manipulating the forces of nature through spiritual means, i.e., they practice magic. Magic may be divided into two branches: divining and operative. Divining magic includes aeromancy (fortune telling with wind or clouds), anthropomancy (fortune telling with entrails of human beings), astrology (fortune telling with planets), cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), hydromancy (fortune telling with liquids), oneiromancy (fortune telling with dreams), palmistry (fortune telling with marks on the palm), and pyromancy (fortune telling with fire). Operative magic includes alchemy (transmutation of base metals into precious metals), mesmerism (hypnotism), necromancy (conjuring the spirits of the dead), and theurgy (compelling a god or supernatural being to do or not do something).

A hybrid of secular humanism and occultism is spiritual humanism.[12] Man is by nature divine. He is God, an enlightened god-man and absolute sovereign. Thus, he is perfect and all-powerful. All that is needed to deify him fully is proper illumination. Then man will become a higher race of cosmic gods and will be able to manipulate the Universe to suit his will.

A chief difference between secular humanism and spiritual humanism is that secular humanism rejects the spiritual while spiritual humanism acknowledges and accepts the spiritual.[13]

Illuministic religions typically share two common features — the two assertions that Lucifer used to deceive Eve. First, no one will really die and face a final judgment of God. If the body dies, the person’s spirit and soul will return to inhabit another body — reincarnation, or his spirit and soul will migrate to some higher level of spiritual existence. Second, man has the right, power, and ability to become like God if not become God.[14]

Pantheism gives religious sanction to the collective doctrines and programs of Illuminism. All forms of Pantheism are illuministic. Consequently, Illuminists preach Pantheism and use it to advance Illuminism.

To conceal their intent to subvert Christianity into Pantheism, Illuminists nearly always cloak their theology in Christian jargon. They call their theology “Christianity” to gain an audience for their fraud. Without such deception, destroying the authority of the Christian Scriptures would be far more difficult, if not impossible. Considering the success that the Illuminists have achieved in destroying fundamental Christianity since Weishaupt introduced this tactic in the late eighteenth century, it has worked markedly well.

Man’s religions can be divided into two groups. One believes that man is innately bad, i.e., a self-centered, self-serving sinner; this is the religion of true Christianity. The other believes that man is innately good; this is the essence of Illuminism and most other religions. True Christians believe that man can never perfect himself, is incapable of pleasing God by his own works, and, therefore, needs a savior; Jesus, the Son of God, is this savior. Man cannot earn salvation; salvation is from God. Illuminism and the other religions believe that with knowledge, science, and education, man can perfect himself and save himself, if he is even in need of salvation. With his own works, man can save himself without the intervention of a savior. Man can become like God, if not God, by following the proper rituals and ceremonies or the teachings and examples of a holy teacher like Confucius, Buddha, or Mohammad.

From these two basic religious views come all men’s political, social, and economic principles. Thus, Christianity is incompatible with Illuminism in all its forms, including Communism, fascism, socialism, Zionism, globalism, multiracialism, multiculturalism, Freemasonry, Judaism, Islam, and New Age religions, which is why the Illuminists must destroy Christianity.

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Copyright © 2010 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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