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Illuminism Operationally

Illuminism Operationally
Thomas Allen

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The ultimate goal of the Illuminists and their secret societies today is to achieve the dream of Nimrod. It is to establish a New World Order with one world government and one world religion. “[It is] not a popular movement but a conspiracy to impose on the people a system directly opposed to their real demands and aspirations. . . .”[1]

Lucifer is the spiritual head of this government and religion. (According to Albert Pike, the god of the Jews and Freemasons is Lucifer.[2]) The Illuminists are his ministers and priests. Other insiders involved in bringing about this Satanic paradise can be found among leaders of government, business, labor, academia, and religion.

To achieve their goals, Illuminists seek to destroy civilization and all legitimate authority of the family, Church (Christianity), and state (community, body politic) and replace it with a new authority. This new authority is the omnipotent, omnipresent government which the Illuminists control. Communist China, especially the rural areas, is a model of the Illuminists’ vision of the world and their New World Order. Another good model of the New World Order is North Korea where the ruling elite is well fed and lives in royal splendor and sumptuousness while the enslaved masses are dying from starvation, forced drills, and the monotony of never-ending propaganda. Palestine offers a picture of the transitional period — a relatively unarmed people (Palestinians) continuously terrorized by a powerful highly technological military force (Israel).

A basic principle of Illuminism is that an elite, the Illuminists, should rule mankind because they are the enlightened, illuminated, and chosen ones. As such, only they “are capable of ruling mankind in an orderly manner.”[3]

The Illuminists have advanced their cause through two apparently conflicting and contradicting ideologies: atomistic individualism and collectivism. Atomistic individualism seeks to destroy all authority. Collectivism seeks to place all authority in government. Atomistic individualism destroys existing legitimate authority, and collectivism fills the authority vacuum with all-powerful government.

The most potent weapon of the Illuminists is not the gun or dagger. It is sin — especially licentiousness, that is, assassination of the soul rather than the body. Every possible means is used to encourage, foster, and spread immorality. Sin must become habitual without escape.

Laws that proscribe or inhibit vice and immorality must be repealed or left unenforced. Thus, pornography, miscegenation, adultery, fornication, prostitution, and homosexual sex become acceptable. Public decency and virtue must be suppressed while immorality, especially sexual immorality, is promoted and protected. Licentiousness exceeding the worse of paganism must replace Christian virtue.[4]

Marriage is secularized and loses its holiness.[5] Divorce is encouraged and made easy. Although concurrent polygamy is not yet accepted, consecutive polygamy is.

Schools are to be used in the war to destroy the soul. Blasphemy and sexual immorality are to be taught and promoted. In the name of science, health, and sex education, pornography is pushed upon young formative minds. Thus, governmental control of schools is necessary (Illuminists control the government, which has nearly monopolistic control of education).

As women cannot be suppressed, the Illuminists have undertaken an exceedingly successful program to corrupt them. All distinction between the sexes is eliminated.[6] Schools have aided in this corruption process. Feminism is an important program for the corruption of women.

In their war to destroy the soul, Illuminists have stressed disrespect for the Lord’s Day. So successful have they been in commercializing and destroying the uniqueness of the Lord’s Day, it is hardly distinguishable from any other day.

Illuminists seek to degrade the arts and literature. Hideous and aberrant art, literature, drama, and music are promoted. Degenerated perversion replaces wholesomeness. Pornography and blasphemy are encouraged.[7]

Internationalism and globalism replace nationalism and patriotism.[8] To achieve this goal, government must be weakened by corruption. Consequently, Illuminists encourage and promote corruption, which is easy to do since most high level governmental officials are Illuminists, agents, dupes, sympathizers, fellow-travelers, or opportunists, to cause cynicism and distrust by the people, which leads to anarchy, a natural ally of Illuminism.

Illuminists seek to eliminate all social opposition to their subversive program. To accomplish this goal, they exaggerate and promote social and economic differences. Thus, they create suspicions, unrest, riots, and revolts among various groups. Multicultural and multiracial societies make the promotion of differences easy — thus, the promotion of multicultural and multiracial societies.

In 1919, allied forces in Germany found a document, Communist Rules for Revolution, that set out rules for subverting a country.[9] These rules are essentially identical to the illuministic program for gaining control of a country. The rules are:

1. Corrupt the youth and turn them from religion, i.e., Christianity. Substitute sex for religion. Destroy their independence and ruggedness.

2. Gain control of the media.

3. Focus people’s attention on athletics, pornography, entertainment, and other trivialities and away from politics and government.

4. Use unimportant controversial matters to divide people into hostile camps.

5. Ridicule and disdain natural leaders and, thereby, destroy people’s confidence in them.

6. Encourage governmental extravagance, destroy its credit, and create discontent with inflation.

7. Foster unnecessary strikes in vital industries. Cultivate riots and civil disorders and promote leniency toward such riots and disorders.

8. Destroy moral virtue, honesty, and temperance.

9. Restrict ownership of firearms and move toward confiscating all privately owned guns.

Illuminists have sought to remove from courts of justice, public assemblies, and public schools all Christian symbols. This endeavor has been extremely successful and is almost complete.
Christian symbols seldom appear on public property or in public assemblies. The few remnants of public recognition of God, Christ, or the Bible are rapidly being eradicated.

One objective of secret societies is to break family ties and prepare initiates to become adepts. With his hatred of the family and his desire to destroy it, Stalin encouraged his agents to promote its destruction. They were to advocate promiscuity, legalize abortion, easy divorce, and abolition of inheritance. Records of title, birth, and family history were to be destroyed.

Illuminists prefer and promote democratic government with political power concentrated in the central government, which they control. To dilute the power of the people to control their government, they promote indiscriminate universal suffrage. While preaching civil liberties, they promote government as the solver of all problems.

Illuminists seek to eradicate all national distinction. Therefore, they advocate a multiracial, multicultural society. (To organize effective opposition against the Illuminists is much more difficult, if not impossible, in such a society, which is another reason that Illuminists promote multiracialism and multiculturalism.)

They despise patriotism and “strongly organized rural communities settled permanently on the land.”[10] Thus, they adopt programs designed to drive people off the land and into the cities where they are easier to control.

Not only do Illuminists promote political democracy, they also promote social democracy. They seek to destroy all social classes. They despise a society organized on the basis of classes that are “bound together by common interest and mutual services.”[11] Thus, they undertake to reduce all mankind to slaves of the Illuminists. (An illuministic society consists of two classes: slaves and their illuministic masters. The slaves owe everything to their masters, but their masters owe nothing to the slaves.)

To summarize, the goals of Illuminism are:
(1) The destruction of Christianity; (2) The abolition of private property; (3) The abolition of inheritance; (4) The breakup of the family unit (i.e., the home, marriage, morality, and the proper education of children); (5) The destruction of patriotism: (6) The abolition of all ordered, national governments, and (7) The creation of a One World Government.[12]
To this list needs to be added the annihilation of the Aryan people.

Illuminists promote socialism not because it will lift up the working class or make people materially better — they know that it will not. They promote it because it is destructive. It destroys superiority, virtue, patriotism, nationalism, and, above all, true Christianity. It destroys beauty and nobleness in art and literature and makes evil good. Socialism destroys what makes man man.

For these same reasons, Illuminists support multiracial and multicultural societies. Multiracialism and multiculturalism are highly destructive. They also promote homosexualism, not because they care about homosexuals (most Illuminists who are not homosexuals are as repulsed by it as other people), but because it destroys society.

Underlying Illuminism, and what motivates most Illuminists, is hatred. They hate the nation-state and the Aryan race. (The God of the Christian is a God of segregation while Lucifer, the God of Illuminism, is a god of integration.) They hate moral restraints that the Christian religion places on individuals and associations. Furthermore, they despise technological progress because it raises the economic well-being of the common people, whom they loathe. Illuminists hate the Aryan race not only because it is the race created in the image of God: They also hate it because it is the race of Christianity and has done more to spread the word of God than any other people. It is also the race that has done the most to improve the living conditions of the common people throughout the world.

To achieve their goals, Illuminists follow the tactics laid down by Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Order of the Illuminati. They are:

1. Gain control of education and church leadership.

2. Express concern for humanity while making people indifferent to all other relationship.

3. Gain control of reviewers and booksellers and use them to promote illuministic writers.

4. Decry writers of notice who do not accord with illuministic plans.

5. Promise emancipation to women, and use them to control men.

6. Win support of the common people by pandering, at least temporarily, to their prejudices.

7. Gain control of the military academies, publishers, literary societies, and the like.

8. Secure control of the judiciary and the legal system to enact laws favorable to Illuminism and win favorable rulings in court.

9. Assist and promote fellow Illuminists, giving them preference to all others of equal merit.

10. Place people where they will do the most good for the advancement of Illuminism.

11. Surround people in authority who do not agree with the philosophy of Illuminism with Illuminists.

12. Remain in the background and work through front organizations.

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