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A Call to Action: Recapturing the South

A Call to Action: Recapturing the South
Thomas Allen

    The war that Southern nationalist wage against Yankeedom and its New South sycophants is ethical first and foremost. It is a war between good and evil, between God and Satan. It must be fought principally on ethical grounds.

    The enemies of the South have no guiding principles except pragmatic relativism. They lust for wealth and power. They seek self aggrandizement. Satan is their father. They are morally bankrupt.

    The doctrines of the enemies of the South are false. Its enemies look to man to perfect man. The state is seen as the savior of man, and man is saved through education (indoctrination). Individuals are not responsible for their acts. The state is to replace the family. Its enemies lead by envy. They advocate a one-world government in the name of peace, prosperity, freedom, equality, or democracy. They are the thought police of political correctness. Above all they seek to concentrate and consolidate all power into their hands. One is hard pressed to find any of their doctrines that is not contrary to the Bible.

    Any program to rescue the South from the death grip of Yankeedom must be built upon a Scriptural foundation. Southern nationalists need scripturally sound ethical, social, economic, and political programs. They cannot merely oppose the destructive programs of Yankeedom. Southern nationalists must offer replacements for the programs of the enemies of the South. (This does not mean that they must propose replacing one governmental program with another. Most of the time it means replacing a governmental program with the church, family, or voluntary private organizations.)

    Southern nationalists need to recognize that they are engaged in a war that far transcends liberating the Southern States from the oppression of Yankeedom. They are engaged in a war between Christ and Satan. If they be of Christ, they have already won. If not, they have already lost.

    Southern nationalists need to acquire knowledge about the enemies of the South. They need to acquire knowledge about history, free market economics, federalism, republicanism, free society, the Holy Scriptures, and other subjects that are necessary to develop a free society in a free and independent confederation of free and independent Southern States. However, the acquisition of knowledge cannot be the end. If one stops with the acquisition of knowledge, he has accomplished nothing — except perhaps depressing himself with hopelessness. Southern nationalists need to transmit their information to others. They need to act upon their knowledge and also persuade others to act accordingly. Knowledge in and of itself liberates no one. It relieves no one of responsibility. In fact the opposite is true. It makes one more responsible.

    Southern nationalists need to understand that their enemies worship power. Their enemies are experts at capturing, retaining, and using power. Such is their way of life.

    Southern nationalists need to realize that the enemies of the South are not omnipotent. They are not all that smart. One need only witness the caliber of men serving as presidents, governors, Congressmen, and state legislators. One need only observe the financial problems of the multinational banks and many multinational corporations. Academicians and liberal theologians are not that “swift” either. Nearly all are ethically bankrupt and morally corrupt.

    Southern nationalists need to concentrate their efforts on removing people’s confidence in the false ideas of their Yankee sanctioned scalawag and carpetbag rulers before they attempt to replace them. Otherwise, all they will achieve is replacing one set of evil rulers with an even more vile set (replacing Establishment President Bush with an Establishment President Clinton or Establishment President Bush with an Establishment President Obama).

    Southern nationalists need to work to throw the rascals out once a sufficient number of people lose confidence in them. Removing the enemies of the South from positions of influence and power (both in and out of government) is paramount. It is more important than informing people of the ineptness, immorality, corruptness, and vileness of the enemy. In fact only enough knowledge has to be transmitted to move a sufficient number of people to act to remove the oppressors.

    Southern nationalists should not place their hopes on replacing the enemies of the South in one or two general elections. They need a grass-root movement. They need a bottom-up rather than a top-down movement. They need to capture local governments and then State governments. They need to work continuously and steadily to replace the enemy. Not only must Southern nationalists work to replace the enemies of the South who are in government, they must work to replace them in all other aspects of society — business, religion, academia, media, etc.

    Southern nationalists need to initially concentrate their efforts on capturing county and city governments. These governments can be captured easier and cheaper than others. They can use these positions to gain experience in governing and to say “no” to the numerous programs in which government is involved that are not the proper functions of government.

    Southern nationalists can next work to capture their State governments. They should not waste any resources in trying to capture any positions in the federal government, for this is the government of the empire from which they seek to secede. (This does not mean that they should ignore the federal government. To the contrary, they need vigilantly to watch the federal government and to oppose and resist its despotism.)

    Southern nationalists need to build up their organizations. They do so by praying, studying, recruiting, confronting, collecting intelligence, monitoring government and schools, building mailing lists, building local support, and cooperating. They should pray, for without God’s succor, they will fail. They should study, individually by reading and meditating on useful books and articles and collectively in discussion groups and meetings. They should recruit. Preferably they should recruit stable people who are in a leadership position or will assume a leadership position some day, who study and get involved, who donate time and money, and who are a credit to the Kingdom of God. They should avoid recruiting burned out conservatives, the apathetic, those who take but do not give, compromisers, disturbers, the confused, advocators of violence, etc. They should confront those who seek to destroy the South. They should create intelligence files from newspapers, magazine and Internet articles and other sources. Monitoring local and State government meetings and informing others of anti-Southern or pro-Southern action taken at these meetings should be part of their program. Likewise, they should monitor public school books and curricula. Local supporters and potential supporters should be identified for each issue of importance. A mailing list, which could be an e-mail list, should be built for each issue. They should unite and cooperate with each other. Thus, they build their organizations.

    Southern nationalists need to remove their children from public schools and place them in a good private school, preferably a Christian school, or teach them at home. To leave them in public school is to give them to the enemy. (Southern nationalists should not seek to reform public schools. They should seek to abolish them because education is not a proper function of government, and to trust education to government is too dangerous. Education is a proper function of the family supported by the church.) Southern nationalists have gained nothing if their posterity is lost to the enemy.

    Southern nationalists need to attend a Bible believing church and be fed the Word of God. They need to read, recite, and mediate on the imprecatory Psalms, i.e., the Psalms that call on God to punish or destroy His enemies. These Psalms are 73, 83, 94, and 105. They may even have to educate their pastors on various issues. However, Southern nationalists need to be aware that most pastors do not believe that Christians are able to reverse the world’s decline into a Satanic cesspool. The pastors of most Bible believing churches believe that the world will become worse and worse, that man will become more and more evil, and that there is not much Christians can do about this decline until Christ returns and ends history.

    Southern nationalists need to become self-discipline and learn to commit themselves for the long term. They must acquire organizational skills. If at all possible, they must acquire a computer and learn to use it. They must develop personal communication skills, both oral and written. They must become politically aware, which means reading and understanding many political news sources. They must learn techniques need for political actions. They must become involved in local politics.

    Southern nationalists should join, support, and become active in organizations that seek to save the South and the Southern way of life.

    Southern nationalists should never appease the enemy. Appeasement is a waste of resources and detrimental to the cause, for the enemy can never be appeased without the death of the Southern nationalist. Southern nationalists should avoid compromise unless they are sure that they will gain more than they will lose. But under no circumstances should Southern nationalists ever compromise their fundamental principles. (The enemy has little problem with compromise because he has no real principles to compromise.)

    Southern nationalists should be open and honest as Jesus was. They should avoid deceit, deception, duplicity, secrecy, and other conspiratorial tactics, for these are the tactics of their enemy. By the tactics that they use, Southern nationalists distinguish themselves from the enemies of the South.

    Southern nationalists need to develop a scripturally ethical program. They must resist further attacks on the South. They must educate themselves. They must obtain dominion. They need to have the organization, program, vision, expertise, and ethics to fill the void that will be left when the enemies of the South collapse. They need the moral courage to act when the time comes. In short they need an abiding faith in Christ.

    Southern nationalists need to prepare for a long-term struggle, perhaps several decades, although victory could come as rapidly as the collapse of the Soviet Empire. In the interim they must continue to pressure the enemies of the South until they completely collapse. In the interim they must be prepared to fill and must fill every void left by the enemy in every aspect of society wherever the void occurs. The enemies of the South must not be allowed to fill any void. Southern nationalists must press the enemy until all have fled the South.

    Above all Southern nationalists need to cooperate with one another. They need to accommodate their differences where it is not a question of fundamental principles. No single individual has all these skills, and even if he did, he would not have the time, to do all the things outlined above, which is why it is important that Southern nationalists unite and cooperate. They should always present a united front against the enemies of the South.

    By following this program, and with God’s aid, Southern nationalists will be able to liberate the South from her oppressors. One day Southerners will live free in a free and independent confederation of free and independent Southern States where they will be governed by Christian principles, where family, church, and state will be co-equal governments, and where civil government will be a limited republican government.

Copyright © 1993, 2010 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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