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Are You a Racist?

Are You a Racist?

[Editor’s note: The compiler of this list of definitions has not made any of them up. He has seen such people called racists in various books and articles.]

    You are a racist if you are White and you meet one of the criteria below. Actually, according to criteria 7, all Whites are by definition racists. However, Blacks by definition cannot be racists even if they satisfy several of the criteria below unless they are labeled an “Uncle Tom.” Furthermore, by definition people of color (American Indians, mestizos, Melanochroi [people of India, Pakistan, Arabian peninsula, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Sahara Desert], and brown Turanians [people of Farther India, the Philippines, and Pacific islands], and Indo-Australians) cannot be racist. Apparently, this is true even when the person of color would otherwise be a racist by one of the following criteria because of their beliefs about or attitudes toward Negroes. Yellow Turanians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese) are not racists if they meet any of the criteria below about Whites. However, if they meet any of them about Negroes or people of color, they are racists.
    Not being racists, Negroes and people of color are presumably racial nihilists. (A racial nihilist rejects and denies the importance of races and racial rights; most go as far as denying the existence of races altogether. They deny and violate the rights of all races overall and their own in particular. Racial nihilists oppose racial diversity, racial rights, racial preservation, and racial independence and want to amalgamate all races into one uniform race. They promote a racially destructive multiracial society. Racial nihilism is a form of universalism that seeks to absorb all the diverse races into one vast indistinguishable mass. [Richard McCulloch, “Right and Wrong of Racism.”]) As Negroes and people of color are far more race conscious than Whites and as they promote the interest of their own race, they cannot be racial nihilists — yet by definition, they are not racists either.
    A racist is:
1.     a person who claims or believes that one race is innately (genetically) superior to another race, which is the classical and original dictionary definition, e.g., Blacks are superior to Whites in surviving and reproducing in low latitudes because their pigmented skin prevents ultraviolet light from destroying vitamin B-12, which is necessary for reproduction;
2.    a person who claims or believes that his race is superior and, therefore, claims or believes that it has the right to rule the other races, another dictionary definition (this one is similar to number 1, but with the addition of ruling);
3.    a person who claims or believes that one particular race is better than another, another dictionary definition (this one is closely related to number 1; however, believing or claiming someone is better does not necessarily mean believing or claiming that he is superior);
4.    a person who claims or believes that human races have distinctive make-up that determines their respective culture, i.e., race makes the culture instead of culture making the race, another dictionary definition (no inferiority-superiority issues or hatred is necessarily implied);
5.    a person who discriminates based on race (no inferiority-superiority issues or hatred is necessarily implied);
6.     a person who hates another person solely because of his race, which seems to be what most people mean when they used the term, except that it cannot apply to a Black or people of color because they by definition cannot be racists (see number 123);
7.    a white person, which is a common use today;
8.    a person, especially a non-Black, who disagrees with Obama or any of his policies, which is a favorite definition of supporters of the Obama administration and its supporters;
9.    a person who prefers living among people of his own race (no inferiority-superiority or hatred is implied);
10.    a person who plays heavy metal musi;
11.    a person who dresses up as a non-White or White ethnic stereotype (this seems to be becoming a favorite of self-hating White progressives);
12.    a person who opposes Plan Parenthood although abortion is the leading cause of death among Black babies;
13.    a person who uses the term “White privilege,” which is ironic as this term is mostly used by non-Whites and self-hating White progressives to describe Whites whom they consider racists (this one contradict number 53);
14.    a person who uses the term “hard-worker”;
15.    a person, especially a White person, who claims or believes that free speech applies even to “racial slurs” (similar to numbers 72 and 154);
16.    a person who reveres or flies the Confederate flag (no inferiority-superiority or hatred is implied);
17.    a person who favors voters proving whom they are by showing photo identification before voting;
18.    a person who claims or believes that SAT or IQ scores are the best predictors of university performance; therefore, admission to universities should be primarily based on SAT or IQ scores;
19.    a person who tells the truth about Blacks and other non-Whites;
20.    a person who wants immigration controlled or restricted;
21.    a person who opposing allowing Islamic terrorists into the country, although Muslims are not a race (this one is similar to number 57, but is more specific);
22.    a person who lives in a single family dwelling;
23.    a person who carries his lunch in a brown paper bag or who participates in a paper bag lunch;
24.    a person who complains about the fruits of his labor being taxed to support someone who is too lazy to work;
25.    a person who protects the interest of his race, especially the White race (this definition does not apply to Blacks or people of color; such acts by Blacks or people of color are antiracism) (this one is similar to 46 and 47);
26.    a person who claims or believes that races are real and do exist (ironically, people who smear others as racists under this definition are often in the forefront of accusing others of racial discrimination, which is an impossibility if races do not really exist) (this is similar to numbers 36 and 42);
27.    a person who uses the word “race” (Presumably, this does not apply to the use of “race” in the sense of a contest. However, when the mentality and ignorance of people who smear people by calling them “racists” are considered, it may. After all, a Black teacher cowed a White professor to apologize for being a racist because he used the word “niggardly.”);
28.    a person who claims or believes that genetics influences human behavior and that races have different cognitive abilities;
29.    a person who claims or believes that genetics has something to do with the level of culture or civilization that a people achieves;
30.    a person who recognizes and objects to the genocide of White South Africans;
31.    a person who opposes Bush the Younger’s Iraqi war;
32.    a person who believes in limited government or constitutionalism;
33.    a person who opposes big government;
34.    a person who claims or believes that authority is based on history and tradition;
35.    a person who supports the police checking immigration status in routine traffic stops for another purpose;
36.    a person who claims or believes that races have different qualities and ways of doing things (this is similar to numbers 26 and 42);
37.    a person who participates in the sport of angling;
38.    a person who is too polite or dresses too neatly;
39.    a horticulturist who emphasizes native plants;
40.    a person who claims or believes that Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, and Pacific Islanders had some influence on the cultures of American Indians before Columbus, i.e., a diffusionist (however, believing that Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Asians were too stupid to travel across the oceans to America is not racist);
41.    a person who resists Martin Luther King’s tactics, which are designed to lead to violence;
42.    a person who recognizes races and racial differences and regards them as valuable and important (this is similar to numbers 26 and 36);
43.    a person who supports racial rights and claims or believes in the right of all races to life (preservation) and independence (control of its life in all spheres: political, social, economic, and cultural), which are best achieved through racial separation with each race having its own exclusive territory with its own sovereign government (this is the opposite of number 44 and racial nihilism);
44.    a person who favors racial competition for territory, dominance, mastery, and existence, i.e., racial rights do not exist (this is the opposite of number 43);
45.    a person who loves his race and desires to preserve it (similar to numbers 155 and 178);
46.    a person who is loyal to the interest of his race (this is similar to number 25 and 47).
47.    a person who asserts and promotes racial rights and interest (this assertion and promotion can be for all races [moral racism] or one’s own race [immoral racism]) (this is similar to numbers 25 and 46);48.    a person who talks about Black crime statistics;
49.    a person who waves the British flag, especially at political events;
50.    a person who claims or believes that dark-skinned people in general and Negroes in particular descended from Ham because of Noah’s curse on Ham or, more correctly, Ham’s son Canaan;

Added June 3, 2016
51.    a person who expresses concern about the death (genocide) of the White race;
52.    a person who resists or opposes racial nihilism;
53.    a person who does not believe that White males are a privileged class (this one contradicts number 13);
54.    a person who believes that the Washington Redskins should keep its name “Redskins”;
55.    a person who says or believes that Blacks on average are less intelligent, have a lower I.Q., than Whites on average (this one is a subset of number 1);
56. a person who cooks, eats, or serves fried chicken or watermelon (see 97 and 157);
57.    a person who disdain the Islamic religion (this one is similar to number 21, but is more general);
58.    a person who believes or declares that Whites ought to rule in a multiracial country containing a large number of Whites (this one is similar to number 2; however, it does not require or mean a belief in racial supremacy);
59.    a businessman who has an English-only policy;
60.    a person who preaches inequality;

Added June 17, 2016
61.    a person who teaches the Declarations of Independence;
62.    a nationalist;
63.    a person who disparages a non-White race or a person of a non-White race;
64.    a person who puts a cross on his business advertisement (this does not apply to non-Christian religious symbols, e.g., the star of David for Jews or the crescent moon for Muslims; however, it may apply to the Hindu symbol of the swastika as ignorant people confuse it with Nazi Germany);
65.    a person who uses the word “master” (whether using derivatives of “master” — “mister,” “mistress,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” and “Miss” — are racist has yet to be determined);
66.    a person who participates in Oktoberfest;
67.    a Republican who talks about President Obama’s golfing;
68.    a person who suggests or believes that a non-White judge could ever be unfair or bias;
69.    a person who objects to selling American technology companies to Asian companies;
70.    a person who support Donald Trump for President;

Added July 10, 2016
71.    a person who supports a country withdrawing from the European Union;
72.    a person who uses racial epithets (similar to number 15);
73.    a person who believes or claims that White Americans are the lost tribes of Israel;
74.    a business, including a business owned by Muslims, that does not treat Muslims the way the Muslims think that they ought to be treated;
75.    a person who disparages hip-hop music;
76.    a gun dealer who, when he notices a Muslim buying excessive amounts of ammunition, notifies Homeland Security that a Muslim is purchasing excessive amounts of ammunition (see 80 and 194);
77.    a person who draws or uses a diagram that shows Whites doing the right thing and non-Whites doing the wrong thing (presumably a diagram showing Whites doing the wrong thing and non-Whites doing the right thing is not racist);
78.    a person who uses the word “brownie” when referring to a cake commonly called a “brownie” (this may also apply to a person who uses the word “Brownie” when referring to the pre-Girl Scouts club);
79.    a non-Jew who displays the Star of David, a six-pointed star, especially when associated with money (does this make sheriffs and sheriffs’ deputies racist because they display a six-pointed star, the Star of David);
80.    a Republican who does not pursue gun control (see 76 and 195);

Added October 10, 2016
    81.    a woman who wears an all-white outfit and presumably it also applies to men (does this mean that brides who wear the traditional white gowns do so because they are racists);
    82.    a person who believes that the Bible teaches a separationist view for the races, i.e., the races should be geographically separated and not ruled by other races (this one is similar to 43);
    83.    a person who claims that Martin Luther King was a communist;
    84.    a paleoconservative;
    85.    a person who condemns a Black youth who prefers idleness to working a low-paying job;
    86.    a person who displays the Gadsden (“Don’t Tread on Me”) flag;
    87.    a person who mentions or discusses Black on Black crime (this one is similar to 48);
    88.    a person who asks or wants Black pupils to adapt to a White school setting;
    89.    a cab driver who refuse Blacks for fear of being robbed or worse;
    90.    a person who uses the phrase “melting pot” as in praising “the United States is a ‘melting pot.'"

Added October 20, 2016
    91.    a person who is happy living in a racially segregated society because there are two races (presumably because in such a society he has a race against which to discriminate);
    92.    a person who does not support Hillary Clinton for president;
    93.    a person who speaks or writes about the virtues of Whites;
    94.    a person who sings the “Star Spangled Banner,” which is a racist song;
    95.    a person who promotes White pride;
    96.    a secessionist;
    97.    a person who makes or eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (see numbers 56 and 97);
    98.    a person who displays the Betsy Ross flag, the flag that represents the 13 colonies;
    99.    a White woman who resists or even objects to a Muslim sexually harassing or even raping her;
    100.   a person who uses or consumes pumpkins, pumpkin spice, or pumpkin spice latte;

Added February 4, 2017
    101.    a person who uses the terms “quite neighborhood” or “good schools;”
    102.    a person who stands for the Nationalist Anthem;
    103.    a person who comments on or expresses concern about terrorists or terrorism;
    104.    a person who believes that all lives matter and not just Black lives;
    105.    a person who opposes or criticizes the Black-Lives-Matter movement.
    106.    a person who objects to diversity (similar to number2 144 and 212);
    107.    a person who believes that Whites have a collective interest;
    108.    a White person leading the Democratic Party;
    109.    a person who considers or calls Martin Luther King a great American;
    110.    a person, especially a Republican, who wants or seeks lower prices for prescription drugs.

Added April 8, 2017
    111.    a White person having sex with a Black person (conflicts with number 136);
    112.    a Southerner;
    113.    a Christian;
    114.    a person who believes that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards;
    115.    a supporter or fan of the New England Patriot;
    116.    a supporter of the Tea Party;
    117.    a person who says “Islamic extremist” or “illegal immigrant”;
    118.    a dead White author, especially one who has written a book significantly important to Western civilization;
    119.    according to Joseph Pearce, a person who hates or is prejudice against “someone for something that they cannot help being and for which they are themselves not culpable” (this one is similar to No. 6 except that it can be construed to go beyond race);
    120.    a person who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day;
    121.    a person who opposes wasting tax money on social programs that do not work;
    122.    a parent who wants his children to be healthy and intelligent;
    123.    a person who despises, castigates, humiliates, and oppresses people of other races (see number 6);
    124.    a school administrator who supports testing teachers to ensure that teachers are able to read and interpret basic English;
    125.    an antiracist because he is intolerant of those he has defined as abhorrent;
    126.    a eugenicist;
    127.    a person who adheres to traditional American values;
    128.    a person who believes that white symbolizes purity;
    129.    an anti-egalitarian;
    130.    anyone who is not a Marxist;
    131.    a person, especially a White person, who denies that he discriminates;
    132.    a person of discernible taste;
    133.    a person who wears the traditional red, white, and blue flag attire;
    134.    white Skittles candy (which ironically was produced to celebrate Obama’s declaration of June as LGBT pride month);
    135.    a Jew;
    136.    a person, especially a White, who refuses to marry someone of another race (conflicts with number 111);
    137.    a person who acknowledge biological differences of races (similar to number 146);
    138.    a person who embraces scientific empiricism;
    139.    a person who disagrees with the leftist, liberal, progressive, Marxist agenda;
    140.    a diary farmer or a person who drinks milk;

Added May 5, 2017
    141.    a White who opposes Whites becoming a minority in their own country (similar to number 203);
    142.    a person who expects non-White immigrants to learn English;
    143.    a participant in the play Peter Pan;
    144.    a person who does not believe or is skeptical about diversity being strength (similar to numbers 106 and 212);
    145.    a person who opposes flooding the country with non-White immigrants;
    146.    a person who perceives that other races look and live differently than his own (similar to number 137);
    147.    a proponent of Western civilization (similar to number 157);
    148.    a person who does not look someone in the eyes when talking to him;
    149.    a person who does not support universal tax-paid healthcare;
    150.    a person who uses the “OK” hand sign.

Add August 21, 2017
    151.    a person who expects foreigners to show up on time;
    152.    a person who supports or adheres to the Electoral College of the US Constitution;
    153.    a person who objects to banning Whites from universities or colleges campuses;
    154.    a person who supports free speech (similar to number 15);
    155.    a policeman regardless of his race;
    155.    a White person who wants to have White children and White families (similar to numbers 45 and 178);
    156.    a person who says anything that Muslim does not like;
    157.    a person who eats collard greens and grits (see numbers 56 and 97);
    158.    a person who teaches a course in Western Civilization (similar to number 147);
    159.    a person who refuses to issue a high school diploma to a Black who fails to complete the coarse work necessary to receive a high school diploma;
    160.    a person who likes classical music.

Add November 16, 2017
    161.    a white heterosexual male;
    162.    a hog farmer who builds his hog farm in a sparsely inhabited rural area where land is inexpensive instead of building it in a upper middle class suburban residential area where land is expensive;
    163.    a person who opposes the removal or destruction of Confederate monuments;
    164.    the sun and solar eclipse;
    165.    a person who votes for Republicans;
    166.    a libertarian;
    167.    a person who believes that the American people are worth defending by restricting immigration (similar to number 20);
    168.    a person who believes that America is a country instead of an idea;
    169.    a person who imitates a Southern accent when telling a joke;
    170.    a person who reads or even mentions The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail.
    171.    a person who believes that France is for the French;
    172.    a promoter or proponent of Dr. Seuss’ books;
    173.    a liberal;
    174.    a person who disagrees with Blacks, especially radical Blacks like members of Black Lives Matter;
    175.    a person who refuses to cower to ridiculous demands of Blacks;
    176.    a person who quotes or paraphrase a part of Joel Chandler Harris’ Uncle Remus;
    177.    a person who can solve geometry and algebra problems or who teaches these subjects;
    178.    a White who marries a White and has White children (similar to numbers 45 and 155);
    179.    a person who believes in nullification;
    180.    a person who leaves his house to his children.

Added July 16, 2018
    181.    a person who sings “Jingle Bells”;
    182.    a person who romanticizes a white Christmas;
    183.    a person who objects to having his first-class airplane seat given to a Black without consent;
    184.    a person who acts with civility;
    185.    a person who selects a White male as the “sexiest man in the world”;
    186.    a person who practices yoga;
    187.    a person who makes a white snowman;
    188.    an armed school teacher;
    189.    a person who believes that it is okay to be White;
    190.    a visitor of Mount Rushmore;
    191.    a person who makes a derogatory remark about Allah;
    192.    a person who denies that he is a racist or says that he is not a racist;
    193.    an American living in rural parts of the country and cities decimated by years of industrial decline;
    194.    a promoter of gun control laws (see numbers 76 and 80);
    195.    a person who wears clothing styles of another culture (similar to number 11);
    196.    a person who denies a Black services or sales when the business is closed;
    197.    a person who places his own country first;
    198.    a person who favors allowing White South Africans to seek asylum in Europe or the United States from Black South African government’s program to genocide Whites;
    199.    a person who criticizes Democrats;
    200.    a person who objects to illegal immigrants filling schools with drugs, gangs, and violence;
    201.    a person who believes that a person should not be judged by the color of his skin because he notices skin color;
    202.    a person who believes that a Black should think for himself instead of  unquestionably following the left’s agenda;

Added September 22, 2018
    203.    a person who desires a White America (see number 141);
    204.    a proponent or user of stand-your-ground laws;
    205.    a person who prefers the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary;
    206.    a person who uses the term “Anglo-Saxon”;
    207.    a person wishing ill for people because of skin color;
    208.    a person who says something bad about a race unless the being disparaged is the White race;
    209.     a person who criticizes Antifa (a majority of whom is White);
    210.    a person who uses the word “monkeying”;
    211.    a cartoonist who draws a cartoon critical of a Black;
    212.    a person who questions “diversity is our greatest strength” (similar to numbers 106 and 144);
    213.    a Darwinist, evolutionist;
    214.    a polygenist;
    215.    a holocaust denier.

Added November 18, 2018
    216.    an opponent of globalism;
    217.    a paleoconservative;
    218.    an American who believes or advocates American first (similar to 197);
    219.    a person who believes that anyone accused by a Black is innocent until proved guilty;
    220.    a person who does not believe that someone whom a Black accuses is guilty when the person is proved innocent;
    221.    a prospector;
    222.    a person who interferes with the Establishment’s media narrative;
    223.    a person who recites or paraphrases language from Uncle Remus, which is ironic as Uncle Remus was a very wise man;
    224.    a person who brags about having Black friends;
    225.    a person, especially a White, who comments on issues affecting another race, especially affecting a non-white race;
    226.    a person who uses the word “niggardly,” which ignorant or stupid Blacks believe means the forbidden “N” word, but which means ungenerous or meager;
    227.    a polygenist;
    228.    a eugenicist;
    229.    a Black who despises Blacks and being Black;
    230.    a Blacks who believes that he is White;
    231.    a protectionist;
    232.    a person who does not believe the smear leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh;
    233.    a White person who believes that it is OK to be White;
    235.    a person who challenges UN “investigations;”

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