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Thomas Allen

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At the conclusion of World War II, Illuminists began building up China as the next world power that the Illuminists planned to use to initiate their third world war. This war would eradicate the Aryan people, or at least reduce them to such insignificance that the postwar mop up could eliminate the few remaining ones.

Some believe that the buildup of China was intended to be a counter balance to the Soviet Union. Illuminists of the West could use China to keep the Soviet Union in line if the Illuminists of the Soviet Union started acting too independently. This was the claim of the Establishment media, which Illuminists control. Even people not controlled by Illuminists thought such was the reason. However, the greatest transfer of wealth and technology to China occurred after the dismantlement of the Soviet Union and during the administration of President William Clinton, a Rhodes scholar and CFR member, and continued by President G.W. Bush, a member of Skull and Bones.

The United States’ war with Japan aided communist advancement in China. Before the war, Japan had not only halted communist expansion in China, but had caused it to retreat.

While Chiang Kai-shek’s army was trying to drive the Japanese from China, the Soviet backed Chinese Communist Party was capturing the territory to Chiang’s rear. By 1943, the Communists had gained controlled of northern China.

After Germany’s defeat, Japan sought peace. However, Harry Dexter White and other Soviet agents of Stalin persuaded Truman to continue the war and to destroy Japan as a power in the Far East. The war continued long enough to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (one of the few centers of Christian missionary work in the Far East) and for the Soviet Union to declare war on Japan. (For its two days of war against Japan, the Soviet Union received the Kurile Islands and South Sakhalin and control of the Manchuria railroad.)

Among the Far Eastern experts whose advise Roosevelt and Truman used to force Communism on China were Lauchlin Currie (confidential administrative assistant to the President, Roosevelt’s personal emissary to Chiang, a CFR member, and a spy for the Soviet Union), Gregory Silvermaster (a Jew, Communist, and Soviet agent), Michael Greenberg (a Jew and Communist), and Alger Hiss (a CFR member, Communist, Soviet agent, and spy).

Following World War II, Marshall aided Mao Tse-tung in bringing the Communists to power in China by stopping the supplies of fuel and munitions to Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalist Chinese, who had been allies of the United Sates in the war against Japan. At this time Marshall was under Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War and a member of the Skull and Bones.

Marshall went to China shortly after World War II and told Chiang that if he did not allow the Communists to enter his government, all American aid would cease. Chiang refused to allow the Communists into his government, and Marshall stopped the aid. After Congress directed that aid be sent to Chiang, the Truman administration prevented the aid from reaching him. Thus, the Communists forced the Nationalists to retreat to Twain. By 1949, the Communists held all mainland China.

Meanwhile, Lattimore, a Soviet agent, and other pro-Communist writers were writing books and articles supporting the Chinese Communists and condemning Chiang. Through book reviews, Lattimore and his procommunist colleagues stifled objective and anticommunist books on the Far East. Mainline magazines, such as the Saturday Evening Post and Colliers, glorified Mao and the Chinese Communist as “agrarian reformers.”

Once Mao gained controlled of China, he began in earnest to carry out his reign of terror. During the first five years of communist rule, Mao had 40 million people liquidated.[1] Husbands were separated from wives, and children, from parents. To destroy the individuality of children, the Communists replaced their names with numbers. Using terror and torture, Mao sought to eradicate all Christians and vestiges of Christianity from China.

The next great advancement for Communist China came in 1971. In 1971, President Richard Nixon appointed George H. W. Bush as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Bush was a member of the Skull and Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission and became the 41st President. Bush allowed the United Nations to expel the Republic of China (Twain) and to give its seat to Communist China. After faithfully fulfilling his duty to his fellow Illuminists, he resigned and became Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The build up of China began in earnest during the administration of Ronald Reagan. Bechtel Corp., a privately owned firm, was the company that the Illuminists used to spearhead the reconstruction of China. Among Bechtel’s employees were Richard Helms (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, CFR member), George Shultz (Secretary of State), and Casper Weinberger (Secretary of Defense). Shultz was the president of Bechtel, and Weinberger was the vice-president and general counsel.

With the Clinton administration, the buildup of China accelerated with the transfer of advance military technology to China. The United States special forces trained Chinese special forces in tactics that could be used in an invasion of Taiwan. The United States intensified its campaign to demoralize the Taiwanese and the surrender of Taiwan to China.

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