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The Dirty War: America’s Race War
Thomas Allen
[Note: The following is an excerpt from a manuscript originally written in 2000-2002. Although some of the statistics may be dated, more recent statistics continue to support the conclusion of this paper. Some minor editing has been done to omit references to sections of the manuscript not included here.]

The War
On January 14, 1995, a young white man and his wife were finally enjoying an evening together after the birth of their twins five weeks earlier. When they left a gas station in Kentucky, three carloads of black teenagers began chasing them and finally shooting at them. The chase ended when a bullet struck the young man’s heart. He died of the wound the following day. He was assassinated for the high crime of being so proud of his Southern Aryan heritage that he was flying a Confederate flag, which was also the emblem of his high school football team, on his truck. Two of his assassins were convicted of murder and sentence to life in prison. One irony of this tragedy was that one member of this gang of killers had been a guest in this young man’s home as part of a Bible study group.

The assassination of this young man can be laid at the feet of the NAACP. At its 1991 national convention, the NAACP declared war on the Confederate flag and everything that it symbolizes—liberty and the Aryan race.[1] Since then, it has ceaselessly ejaculated abhorrent and false diatribes against this flag and all that it symbolizes.

In 1993, about 16 months before the assassination, the Kentucky unit of the NAACP demanded that eight school systems in Kentucky cease all usage of the Confederate flag and the "rebel" mascot. One of these schools was the high school from which this young white martyr had graduated. This ultimatum of the Kentucky NAACP came right after the young man graduated high school and married his sweetheart.

One of the first items acquired by the newlyweds was a pickup truck with a metal tool box in the back. After they purchased the truck, the young husband attached a metal post to the tool box and affixed a Confederate flag to the pole. The truck also had a battle-flag car tag on the front bumper. At that time Confederate flags and emblems were common in Kentucky and Tennessee.

After being married a little over a year, the couple had twins. As the twins were born premature, they remained in the hospital for several weeks. Just before New Year’s Day, they brought the twins home.

On January 14, 1995, the couple left their two children in the care of the wife’s mother and went out to dinner. After dinner, they did some shopping. On the way home, they stopped for gas.

While he was filling his gas tank, a car load of Negroes pulled into the gas station parking lot. One of the male Negro passengers leaned out the car window, pointed at the young couple, and laughed. Then the car moved beside another carload of blacks.

After the young couple left the station, the young man, who was driving, noticed two cars following them. When he realized that the cars were chasing them, he pushed his wife to the floor and sped away. The blacks chased after them. Finally, one car pulled alongside the truck. A black teenager pulled out his pistol and fired seven shots. A bullet found the young white man’s heart.

He did not know that the bullet hit him until he saw the blood. He told his wife that she would have to drive. While still running from the Negroes, they switched seats.

Then the car with the black gunman pulled in front of their truck to forced them to stop. As the gunman pointed his pistol at the wife, she swerved off the road, drove up two embankments, and escaped. She drove to a hospital where her wounded husband was treated. The bullet had hit his heart, and he died of his wound the next day.

Although this crime was never treated as a hate crime, it was a hate crime in the truest sense. This young man was assassinated for only one reason: He was flying the Confederate flag on his truck. He was assassinated to honor Martin Luther King. Not unexpectedly, black leaders and liberal whites who suffer terminally from negrophilia-albuphobia[2] tried to blame the victim for the crime.

As the above story illustrates, a race war is being fought in America. The unspoken evidence of this war is everywhere. The massive exodus of whites from the larger cities evidence this war. It is seen in the previously unheard of security measures that people are taking. Blinding lights flood parking lots. Wealthy neighborhoods are gated and guarded. Alarm systems have become a common household item. Everywhere are neighborhood watch signs. Rare is the store that does not have closed-circuit cameras. Clerks taking in money behind the protection of bullet proof glass are growing. Most stores limit the cash in their cash registers. All these security measures show that Aryans are at least vaguely aware that they are in the midst of a war and that they are the targets. Unfortunately, because of the anti-white lies with which the albuphobes have inculcated them, most do not, or at least refuse to do so openly, recognize and acknowledge that they are involved in a race war. The objective of this race war is the extermination of the Aryan race.

A race war is being waged in the United States, and most people do not even know it—or at least they refuse to acknowledge it. Although this war has been going on for four decades, it has mostly been concealed from its victims. Well, this statement is not exactly true. The truth is worse. The war has not been concealed so much as it has been described such that the victims are presented as the perpetrators.

Anyone reading newspapers, watching television, or listening to radio would soon conclude that America is engaged in a race war. They would conclude that white America is trying to annihilate black America. Whites are the perpetrators. Blacks are the victims.

The truth is the opposite. Contrary to the propaganda, whites are not seeking to destroy blacks. To the contrary, blacks are seeking to destroy whites. Far more whites are victims of blacks than blacks are victims of whites.

This war, which Paul Sheehan calls the "Dirty War,"[3] has been going on for 40 years. It has claimed 25 million victims and has taken almost as many lives as the Vietnam War.

This war is not a conventional war where the opposing sides are identifiable by their uniforms. It is more like a guerrilla war and a civil war, yet it is not like either. Unlike a civil war, the overthrow of the established government is not the objective. It is worse than the traditional civil war, for the government has allied itself with the enemy to wage war against its citizens. The guerrillas in this war are not irregular militias who are mostly organized to overthrow the established government or driving it from a particular territory. The guerrillas in this war are mostly criminal thugs who have no intension or inclination of overthrowing the established government. They wage this war out of hate. They hate their victims—not necessarily personally, but because they are members of an identifiable race. Thus, Negroes hate Aryans and seek their destruction.

This war is not fought like a conventional war or even as a guerilla war. It appears as crimes. The casualties appear as victims of crime. For nearly the last 40 years, black Americans have waged this criminal war against white Americans.

This rise in black crime against whites began in the 1960's with the civil rights movement. As integration replaced segregation, Negroes began their war against Aryans. As whites have made more concessions to blacks and as society has become more integrated, this black war against white America has escalated and intensified. Between 1964 and 1994, Negroes killed 45,000 Aryans. This number of deaths exceeds the number of Americans killed in the Korean War (34,000) and is closing in on the number killed in the Vietnam War (58,000).[4]

Since 1965, blacks have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans. This Dirty War is destroying America, yet the major news media and political parties are covering it up.

Governments at all levels, especially the federal government, and the news media have made a concerted effort not only to conceal this war, but also to make the victim race to appear as the perpetrator. One almost never hears of a black being tried for a hate crime. Yet whenever a white viciously attacks a black, the crime is presented as a hate crime against blacks even when race is not an issue. The myth that all Aryans are by nature racists with uncontrollable hatred for Negroes and other colored people and lust to kill them at every opportunity must never die. Hand in hand with this myth is the myth that the Negro is a mild-mannered, peace-loving being who would never harm anyone if it were not for white oppression.

The following crime statistics clearly show that blacks are warring against whites.

Crime Statistics
The crime statistics prove the existence of the Dirty War. They show that Aryans are much more often victims of black criminals than Negroes are victims of white criminals.

Since 1975, violent crimes have grown more than four times faster than the population. Young blacks are twelve times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites. About 20 percent of the more than 6.6 million violent crimes[5] are interracial, i.e., about 1.3 million are interracial crimes. (In 1985, 629,000 interracial crimes occurred.[6] Thus, in 10 years interracial crime has increased, more than 12-fold.) About 90 percent of the victims of race crimes are white. (Why does the United States Justice Department only concern itself with the 10 percent against blacks?) In 1994, blacks murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped more than 1.1 million whites while whites murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped only about 135,000 blacks. The United States have seven times more whites than blacks. Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites. On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than whites. Blacks murder whites at a rate 18 times greater than whites murder black. Blacks murder more than 1600 whites per year. Blacks are truly waging a war against white Americans.[7]

The same disparity appears with nonviolent crimes.[8] In 1992, 27 million nonviolent crimes were committed. Of these crimes, blacks committed 31 percent against whites. Whites committed only 2 percent against blacks.[9]

According to Walter Williams,[10] a black economist, in the United States blacks commit 54 percent of the murders, 42 percent of the forcible rapes, 59 percent of the robberies, and 38 percent of the aggravated assaults.[11] Yet blacks make up only about one-eighth of the population.

Most of the time blacks are the victims of black criminals. Of murdered blacks, 93 percent were murdered by other blacks—so much for white racists killing blacks.[12]

Nevertheless, blacks commit more crimes against whites than they do against blacks. Blacks commit 1.58 million crimes per year against whites as compared to 1.34 million crimes per year against blacks.[13] Thus, black criminals choose white victims more than half the time.

Pat Buchanan affirms Williams’ assertions. Buchanan presents statistics[14] that show that blacks commit eight times more assaults than whites, blacks commit nine times more rapes than whites, blacks commit 14 times more murders than whites, and blacks commit 19 times more armed robberies than whites. Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than white neighborhoods.

The 1991 Justice Department statistics show that blacks committed 20,204 rapes against whites, but whites committed only 100 rapes against blacks. For robberies, 167,924 whites were victims of black robbers while only 7031 blacks were victims of whites. Blacks assaulted 431,670 whites; whites assaulted only 49,800 blacks. For all other violent crimes, 572,428 involved black perpetrators and white victims while only 55,301 involved white perpetrators and black victims.[15]

To state crime statistics another way, whites commit 63 crimes per 100,000 whites against blacks. Blacks commit 3494 crimes per 100,000 blacks against whites. Thus, the typical Negro is 56 times more likely to commit a violent crime against an Aryan than is the typical Aryan against a Negro.[16]

A majority of the victims of black perpetrators are white. Aryans are the victims in more than 56 percent of the violent crimes committed by Negroes. On the other hand, Negroes are the victims in less than 3 percent of the violent crimes committed by Aryans.[17]

[Editor's Note: The original contains a table that summarizes the percent of young adults under criminal justice control. That table has been omitted.] Black males account for the largest fraction of the people between 20 and 29 years of age that are under criminal justice control. Yet this age group accounts for less than 1 percent of the American population.[18]

In the age bracket 18 to 34, one-third of the Negroes are in the criminal justice system.[19] That is, they are in prison or on probation or parole or out on bond.

The incarceration rate for whites nationwide rose from 116 per 100,000 in 1984 to 203 per 100,000 in 1993, a 75 percent increase. The rate for blacks increased from 723 per 100,000 to 1432 per 100,000, or a 98 percent increase, during the same period.[20]

[Editor's Note: The original contains a table that shows that crime rates of whites in the United States are similar to crime rates in Europe. That table has been omitted.] Blacks commit far more crimes on a per-capita basis than whites.[21]

Negrophiles use these statistics to argue that the criminal justice system is biased against blacks. Yet the opposite is true. The criminal justice system favors blacks over whites in that blacks are convicted less often than whites.

Racism of the court system favors blacks not whites. In 12 of 14 felony categories tracked by the U. S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, conviction rates are lower for blacks than they are for whites.[22] Black jurors are much more inclined to let an obviously guilty black defendant go free than white jurors are to let a white defendant go free.

According to the standard liberal prattle, poverty causes black crime. Williams refutes this claim. He shows that the murder rate between 1900 and 1929 rose from 1.2 per 100,000 people to 8.4. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, the murder rate fell to 6.3. By 1960 it was down to 4.7. However, as integration began to grow rapidly, the murder rate rose. It had reached 9.5 per 100,000 in 1993.[23]

According to the 1993 U. S. Justice Department survey, "Highlights from Twenty Year Surveying Crime Victims," 1.3 million white Americans were victims of violence by blacks. Only 130,000 (or about one-tenth as many) blacks were victims of white violence. When these numbers are adjusted for the relative differences in population, they show that blacks are about 60 times more likely to engage in interracial violence than are whites. This survey also showed that blacks murder whites about 18 times more frequently than whites murder blacks.[24] Blacks are 325 times more likely to participate in a gang robbery attack on a white than a white is on a black.[25]

As the crime statistics show, a large scale race war is being fought in America. The aggressor in this Dirty War is the Negro; the victim is the Aryan.

If having to war against domestic Negroes was not enough, the albuphobes have opened the borders to colored immigrants. Although most of these immigrants, legal and illegal, are Turanians and mestizoes from Latin America and Turanians and Melanochroi from Asia, they are just as destructive of the Aryan race and Aryan society as are Negroes. A million or more of these immigrants are pouring into the United States annually. They are destroying white communities. By significantly contributing to crime and mating with Aryans to breed them out of existence, they are part of the genocidal war against whites. They provide an important cadre in the Dirty War to annihilate the Aryan race.

Presently, one million legal immigrants enter the United States annually. Another 300,000 enter illegally. By 2050 immigrants will out number native Americans two-to-one.[26] In 1996 more than one million immigrants were naturalized. Nonwhites account for 85 percent of these immigrants. Before 1965, about 85 percent of the immigrants came from Europe. Today about 15 percent come from Europe.[27] At the present rate of increase in the nonwhite population, barely a majority of the population of the United States will be Aryans in 2025.

Most of these immigrants are non-Aryans, i.e., they are Turanians, Melanochroi, and Negroes, and hybrids. Most of them are from countries alien to Western Civilization of Europe. Even most of those from Latin America, which Western Civilization has heavily influenced, find it alien. Such a culture is foreign to the vast majority of Turanians and mestizoes who are flooding the United States.

Most of these immigrants are unskilled and have a high birth rate. As their numbers increase, the living standard of the common American will decline. The more their numbers grow, the more their Third World culture of poverty and corruption will prevail.

To aid in the Dirty War against Aryans, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has unlawfully granted thousands of criminal aliens citizenship. These new citizens are free to stay in the United States and prey on their fellow citizens. They are just more troops in the war against white America.

Evidence of the INS hostility toward white America is found in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The police released illegal aliens when the INS refused to pick them up for processing or deportation. The objective of the INS is no longer to protect America from undesirable or illegal immigrants. Its objective has become to help transform America into a Third World country. Its objective is to destroy white America and the Aryan race.

To obfuscate the number of nonwhite immigrants, the Census Bureaus classifies all people from the Middle East, North Africa, and Egypt as white. True, many of these people are white (of the Aryan species). However, many are brown (of the Melanochroic species[28]).

Furthermore, the Census Bureau generally counts Mexicans as white, although no more than 10 percent of them are really white. Ninety percent are Indians and mestizos.

The albuphobic controlled United States government has opened the borders to nonwhite immigrants. Nonwhite immigrants are an important source of troops in the Dirty War to destroy white America. Immigration is leading to the genocide of the Aryan race in America.

Hate Crimes
Robert Patterson correctly defines a "hate crime" as "violence done to the black race or any individual thereof."[29] This definition is the one used by the liberal media, the political elite, and other albuphobes although they would not state it so bluntly or clearly. Proof that this definition is the correct one is that whenever a Negro is the victim of a crime and the assailant is unknown, the assailant is assumed to be white, i.e., Aryan.

Under this definition of "hate crime," hate crimes seldom occur. Blacks are rarely victims of white criminals. However, if "hate crime" meant a crime against a person of another race because of race, then hate crimes would be common events. Many blacks attack whites because they are white.

In 1995, 7947 hate crimes were reported; of these crimes, 4831 (or more than 60 percent) race was the motivation. Blacks were victims of 2988 (61.9 percent) racially motivated hate crimes. Whites were victims of 1226 (25.4 percent) racially motivated hate crimes.[30] These statistics give the impression that whites commit far more hate crimes against blacks than blacks do against whites. What goes unsaid is that about six times more whites live in the United States than blacks. Consequently, when adjusted for population, a white is 2.6 times more likely be the victim of a hate crime than is a black. (As these statistics deliberately under reported the number of whites who are victims of hate crimes, the likelihood of a white person being a victim of a hate crime is higher.) Thus, blacks commit proportionally more hate crime than whites.

Another important item concealed by these numbers is how perpetrators and victims are counted. Perpetrators are classified by race. Victims are classified not only by race, but also by ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Thus, if a white attacks a black, it counts as a white hate crime against a black. If a white attacks a Hispanic, it counts as a white hate crime against a Hispanic. However, if a Hispanic attacks a black, it counts as a white-on-black hate crime. (Actually, it should count as a Turanian on Negro hate crime for about 90 percent of the crimes because at least 90 percent of the non-Cuban Hispanics are Turanians [Indians] or mestizoes [Turanian-Aryan hybrids] and not Aryans [white].) Thus, lumping Hispanic Turanians and mestizoes with Aryans deliberately skews the statistics against Aryans.

Another fact that the gross hate crime numbers conceal is the severity of the crime. Most people associate murder, rape, aggravated assault, and other violent crime with hate crimes. However, about 41 percent of the recorded hate crimes are "intimidation," which may be no more than using a racial slur.

A war is being waged in America. Lawless Negroes and Mexicans are terrorizing whites. A reign of terror exists in America, and the United States government is orchestrating it.

This Dirty War against white America is destroying the power of middle white Americans. The decline in the power of middle white America has lead to moral decay, more crime, more illegitimate births, more taxes, more welfare, more government, more drugs, deteriorating schools, and deteriorating communities.

Negroes and others races feel a great deal of hate for Aryans. Racial hatred underlies many (most) of the crimes against whites. Yet seldom are any of the crimes committed by Negroes against Aryans considered hate crimes. Albuphobes who control the government, media, big business, religion, and academia claim that a Negro cannot hate an Aryan because of race. If, by happenstance, such hatred does exist, it is the Aryan’s fault.

With a few exceptions, the national news media (along with governmental officials, business and religious leaders, and other albuphobes) have ignored most of these sadistic crimes. Perhaps these hideous crimes of Negroes violently attacking Aryans have become so common that such incidents are no longer news. Or is the national news media trying to cover up "America’s dirtiest little secret: black-on-white violence" as Earl Holt writes.[31]

The news media is quick to broadcast news about white crimes against blacks. Is it that these crimes are so rare that they are news worthy? Possibly, for they are rare.

Perhaps it is also the Marxist framework guiding the news media. Under the Marxist way of thinking, whites are the exploiters, and blacks are the exploited. This is the way that the news media generally treat race relations: Whites oppress blacks. The news media typically ignore racial relations that do not fit this ideology. The news media are incapable of perceiving whites treating blacks any other way. They are incapable of seeing blacks acting violently out of racial hatred. If a black does commit a violent crime against a white, it is nothing more than an oppressed slave rebelling against his oppressor. Thus, the news media ignore or downplay crimes committed by blacks against whites while broadcasting ad infinitum and ad nauseam crimes committed by whites against blacks.

The way that the news media report white-on-black crimes inspires black-on-white crimes. Interracial crime reporting gives the impression of large scale white-on-black crimes with little black-on-white crimes, which is the opposite of the truth. Such reporting creates black animosity toward whites. It creates a desire to get even. Many black criminals have admitted that a motivation for their crime was a desire to "even the score" against whites.

The press has taught blacks to hate whites. It exaggerates crimes of whites against blacks. It rewrites history to present Aryans as greedy, vile oppressors and Negroes as innocent victims. The history of America is nothing but 500 years of white oppression of blacks. If it were not for white oppression, blacks would rule the planet and own all its wealth—so the liberal elite teaches.

A primary factor that contributes significantly to white victims of black criminals is ignorance of racial differences. Races have different temperaments. In general Negroes tend to be impulsive, childlike, and cruel. Their most unspeakable crimes occur without prior planning. Like animals they see a victim and attack without thought.

The media are not the only ones waging a genocidal war of words and concealment against Aryan America. Tax supported universities and colleges are also important weapons in the annihilation of the Aryan race. They are the vanguard of the war, for they train the reporters and the leaders of government, business, and religion.

In the name of diversity, colleges and universities have become massive reeducation and indoctrination camps. They reeducate and indoctrinate whites to hate themselves. They teach nonwhites to hate whites. They inculcate their students with the lie that whites are the cause of all the world’s problems. If it were not for whites, the Earth would become the Garden of Eden. The only thing standing in the way of paradise is the Aryan race. The sole purpose of the Aryan race is to oppress people of color. Aryans are parasites living off the other races. Every great accomplishment credited to whites was stolen from another race. Elimination of the white race will fill the Earth with harmony, peace, and love. Universities, businesses, governments, and churches expend enormous resources teaching whites to despise themselves and teaching nonwhites to despise whites.

All this indoctrination serves one purpose: annihilation of the Aryan people, i.e., genocide. What is happening to the Aryans of American, happened to the Jews of Nazi Germany and various classes in communist Russia.

Black crime is changing the face of America. It will only become worse with time. The United States are at the threshold of a colored crime wave, the likes of which neither this country nor any other country has ever before seen. Hundreds of thousands of colored teenagers, the most violent age, are flooding the country. These children come from broken homes in crime-ridden neighborhoods, mostly in the inner cities. (An unofficial, but deliberate, policy of the United States government has been to create these broken homes and crime-ridden neighborhoods through the welfare state.) They are the progeny of low intelligent parents. The religion of the secular humanists has inculcated them with hatred of the Aryan people. This breed of adolescents is much more violent than any who have come before them. They lack remorse and conscious. The violence of their crimes was unthinkable even a decade ago. These are the new troops whom the albuphobes are employing to annihilate the Aryan race.

The purpose of this essay is not to instill or promote racial hatred or racial conflict. It is to inform open-minded whites (Aryans) about a war that is being deliberately waged to destroy them and their race. It is to inform them of genocide—the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Aryan race. This genocidal war is being concealed as crime.

1. Aryan is synonymous with white, and Negro is synonymous with black.
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Copyright © 2009 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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