Thursday, November 10, 2016


Thomas Allen

    At Memorial Day and Veteran Day ceremonies, politicians and others like to praise soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who have fought in the country’s wars, police actions, and kinetic military actions. These orators bombast that if it were not for the sacrifices that these men in uniform made, we would have no freedoms. Many gave their lives for the rest of us to be free. They seldom list these freedoms. If they do, they mention freedoms that we lost a long time ago.
    A short, and highly incomplete, list of freedoms that we have today follows. Here are some of the freedoms for which America’s finest have fought and died:

1.      The freedom to have unalienable rights converted to governmentally granted privileges.
2.      The freedom to have a government to treat veterans like trash.
3.      The freedom to have a government to use soldiers as experimental animals.
4.      The freedom to have a government that considers soldiers as stupid, expandable grunts to carry out the globalist-new-world-order-destroy-America foreign policy.
5.      The freedom to pay the county and city annual rent (or extortion) to keep them from taking our house.
6.      The freedom to pay governments half our income to keep them from strong-arming us with the IRS and other tax collectors (historically, slaves consume about 90 percent of their production; we are so free that we are allowed to consume half).
7.      The freedom to have taxes used to control us instead of raising revenue for governmental operations.
8.      The freedom not to erect a shed on our property unless some bureaucrat approves it.
9.      The freedom to have the government deny us the use of our land.
10.    The freedom to have the government tell us what we may or may not do with our property.
11.    The freedom not to build a house unless some governmental bureaucrat approves it.
12.    The freedom to live where the government can forcibly take our land and sell it to a developer at below market value.
13.    The freedom to have the government to keep us from buying and selling raw milk.
14.    The freedom to have the government to keep effective and inexpensive cures for cancer off the market so that big pharmaceutical companies can make a fortune selling excessively priced and ineffective, but highly dangerous, drugs and so that those who run cancer “charities” can pay themselves exorbitant salaries.
15.    The freedom to have a drug company to patent a common vitamin and require us to get a prescription for it and pay an exorbitant price where previously we could have bought it cheaply at many stores without a prescription.
16.    The freedom to allow food companies to obfuscate labeling their food products as containing genetically modified organisms.
17.    The freedom to have the government declare foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals to have no health benefits; only drugs that it approves have any health benefits.
18.    The freedom to be bombarded with advertisements about the virtues of drugs solving problems while sending people to prisons for taking drugs to solve problems.
19.    The freedom to have public drinking water drugged and poisoned to stupefy and sterilize us.
20.    The freedom to be considered mentally ill for questioning the government.
21.    The freedom to encourage agricultural and food processing practices that destroy the nutritional value of our food while discouraging practices that preserve and enhance their nutritional value.
22.    The freedom to have the child protection service to kidnap our children in the name of protecting them from us and turning them over to pedophiles.
23.    The freedom to have and pay for our children’s indoctrination with secular humanism, statism, homosexualism, and other alien ideologies, doctrines, and philosophies in government churches, commonly called public schools.
24.    The freedom to have our children protected from childhood.
25.    The freedom to have schools where students are treated like prisoners.
26.    The freedom to have Christianity, the Bible, and Christian prayer and witnessing banned from schools while all other religions are allowed, accommodated, and often promoted.
27.    The freedom to have hospitals taking blood samples from newborn babies under false pretenses and giving the samples to the Pentagon.
28.    The freedom to hear and watch daily governmentally acceptable propaganda issued by the news media as news.
29.    The freedom to get permission from the government to protest its action.
30.    The freedom to have anything critically written or said about Jews, Israel, or homosexuals and other sexual perverts treated as hate crimes.
31.    The freedom to live where all religions are equally acceptable except Christianity, which must be expunged from society.
32.    The freedom to have one of the greatest communist, globalist movements, the civil rights movement, of the twentieth century declared to be the greatest freedom movement of the twentieth century, if not of all history.
33.    The freedom to have a person of the despicable race, the White race, who commits a crime against a person of the protected race, a colored race, receive a much stiffer prison sentence than that received by a person of the protected race against a person of the despicable race. An exception is if the victim of the despicable race is a sexual pervert.
34.    The freedom to honor with a national holiday a womanizing scoundrel and communist sympathizer who created turmoil and left a trail of destruction everywhere he went.
35.    The freedom not to drive without the approval of some governmental bureaucrat.
36.    The freedom to be groped and sexually molested and exposed to deadly x-rays so that we can fly on a commercial airliner.
37.    The freedom to be watched everywhere we go.
38.    The freedom not to start a business unless some bureaucrat approves it.
39.    The freedom to have government bureaucrats to manage and second guess everything that our business does without assuming any risk.
40,    The freedom not to work for someone at a wage less than the government fixes even if we find the wage acceptable.
41.    The freedom to have the government encourage and subsidize companies to transfer high paying jobs to foreign countries.
42.    The freedom to pay the megabanks trillions of dollars to cover their gambling losses.
43.    The freedom to have the purchasing power of our money deliberately destroyed.
44.    The freedom to subside and give special privileges to the megabanks and multinational corporations.
45.    The freedom to buy whatever light bulbs or toilets that the government tells us to buy.
46.    The freedom to have Wall Street and bankers loot the public treasury with impunity.
47.    The freedom to have the police break into our house in the middle of the night and kill us with impunity although we have committed no known crime.
48.    The freedom to have the police stop us on the street and take our money without ever charging us with a crime as a method to collect revenue for the government.
49.    The freedom to have the police to search our house and effects for any reason or for no reason and without a warrant.
50,    The freedom to have the government listen to and read all our electronic communications without a warrant.
51.    The freedom to spy on our neighbors and to have our neighbors spy on us to keep the land safe for big brother.
52.    The freedom to live where a citizen can be held in jail indefinitely without charges or being brought to trial.
53.    The freedom to have torture as an acceptable interrogation technique.
54.    The freedom to be live where males can use restrooms and locker rooms designated for females and vice versa and where marriage has been so corrupted that homosexuals can “marry.”
55.    The freedom to have the largest population of prisoners in the world to serve as slave labor.
56.    The freedom to enjoy the privilege of living in a police state.
57.    The freedom to have the police to take blood samples at checkpoints without warrants.
58.    The freedom to be considered a terrorist because we are a veteran or believe that the U.S. government should be restricted by the Constitution.
59.    The freedom to be assumed guilty of political crimes until we prove our self innocent, which is impossible for anyone who is not among the ruling elite.
60.    The freedom to live where the government terrorized us.
61.    The freedom to live where it is a crime for us to lie to the government, but it is acceptable for governmental officials and bureaucrats to lie to us.
62.    The freedom to have the government keep the borders open so that the cultural and racial makeup of the country can be destroyed.
63.    The freedom to vote for pre-approved candidates whom those who really control the government own.
64.    The freedom to vote where the lackeys of the ruling elite count the votes to ensure that the right candidate wins the election.
65.    The freedom to have the government to kill thousands of Americans so that it can have an excuse to fight illegal and unlawful wars.
66.    The freedom to have the government to lie to us continuously.
67.    The freedom to live in a fascist country.
68.    The freedom to have a President who is not qualified for the office.
69.    The freedom to have a President who is above the law and who is accountable to no one even after he leaves office.
70.    The freedom to obey secret laws, regulations, and policies.
71.    The freedom to have the government, which is supposed to be the servant of the people, to keep secrets from the people, who are suppose to be the masters, while forbidding the people from keeping secrets from the government. (Whatever happened to a government by, for, and of the people? If the people were the masters and the government, the servant, then the people, the masters, could keep secrets from the government, but the government, the servant, could not keep anything it knows from the people.)
72.    The freedom to live where the people fear their government instead of the government fearing the people.
73.    The freedom to be dependent on government so that the government can more easily control us.
74.    The freedom to live under a government that is run by sadistic psychotic lying sociopaths.
75.    The freedom to live where the largest drug smuggler is the government itself.
76.    The freedom to have our political office holders violate their oaths of office with impunity.
77.    The freedom to have the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto almost completely implemented.
78.    The freedom to have a president who is a figurehead to serve the interest of the plutocrats who rule the country.
79.    The freedom to be governed by traitors.
80.    The freedom to have the government borrow and spend the country into prosperity.

    Most who voluntarily put on the uniform did so to defend the ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, they believed the lies that their government told them. In reality, they have not fought for these ideals, but to transfer more wealth and power to the rich and powerful, who control the U.S. government.
    Wars are detrimental to liberty, especially for the winning side. Wars lead to a growth in the power of government. The power of government grows at the expense of freedom. As the power of government grows, freedom dies.
    If these men and women in uniform really wanted to fight for the freedom of America, they would march on Washington, Wall Street, the international fanciers, the heads of academia, labor leaders, the major foundations, the leaders of the major churches and religious organizations, the Zionists, most think tanks, lobbies who lobby for more government, etc.

Copyright © 2016 by Thomas Coley Allen.

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